ALL mY liiFE


Ok well this post is all about my life and what has happened, I guess.

Tests and Grades-
I passed the 6th grade with a 3.980 overall grade because I got an A- in Science, but I got A’s and A+’s in basically everything else. Today we got in the mail my OAT ((Ohio Achievement Test)) scores and I got + = higher than expected in all, but on of my language arts reading sections and in one out of the math. I am very smart as you can see. God is good and God is great!

People and Friends-
Well friend wise my life is great. I have my main best friend Courtney who rocks and I went swimming with her Tuesday and got a tan line and am darker now. She is my main, but I have other. Umm I can’t stand her boyfriend and she is hopefully breaking up with him which is good and that’s about it friend wise.

Vacations and Places-
I went swimming Tuesday with Courtney at Griffin’s Pool and we had a lot of fun. I saw her cousin who I have a major crush on and I wore my cute halter top blue bathing suit which was 40.00$ at Wal-Mart. My family is celebrating my Great-Grandma Cooper’s 88th birthday Sunday and we are going to my Aunt Beth’s Beach House and my guest is going to be Courtney. We go tubing there and she has a giant slip-n-slide which is 10 feet wide and 100 feet long and goes into the Lake. She also has a water trampoline which is very fun. Next month I am going to Florida for two weeks maybe longer depending how it goes.

I am watching “Princess Protection Agency” tonight at 8 o’clock on Disney Channel. Movie features Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.

Love You!


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