Diaries and Google Chrome


Well the topic of this post as you can see are diaries and Google Chrome.

Do YOU have a diary??

I currently have a diary that I started June 25th, 2009 and it will be my fourth diary. I have two diaries filled and the other one was half way done and I got tired of writing and quit. Since it is summer time I thought it would be cool to start back up on my journalizing I guess. In diaries you can write anything {{ I write about my day}}. You can write what you think about people and stuff you like and even draw little doodles around the page. I write my top 3 songs of the day at the bottom next to my signature and I always change my last name to the person who I like’s last name. Shyleen —– ——

Have you heard about Google Chrome!!??

Google Chrome is like a new internet like how people have Safari or AT&T net or like Windows Internet Explore 7 and other ones. Well this is a new one for Windows and it is a easy design and you can bookmark  {{a.k.a. favorite }} your favorite websites. You can delete your browsing history super easy and it is free!! Go to http://google.com/chrome if you want to download it, but get your parent’s approval first.

Well I have a diary and Google Chrome 🙂

Peace out!!

Love you guys!!

Oh and you know how I have a boyfriend right now. Well this boy knows my number and used to always come over and play basketball and know he don’t call or visit so when I hear from him I am probably going to break up with him. I like this other boy know. He is my bestie’s boy bestie 😆 if that makes sense to you. He is cool, but I have never met him, but I have heard great things about him and his myspace pictures are cute and he commented one of my myspace pictures {{my favorite one}} and it said DAMMM and then a smiley face with hearts as eyes. 😆 I like him. I told him that no one really likes me and he said well I do sorta and maybe I’ll see you at Courtney’s.. maybe. He asked me if he was ugly and I said no and then I said am I ugly and he said no and dont let anyone tell you different. Love that boy.

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4 Responses to “Diaries and Google Chrome”

  1. Chloe Says:

    Ohh, cooliez :mrgreen: I have a diary, but Imma rip da pagez out nd start again or something, it’s really pathetic. I just wrote all this random crap in it about like, nothingness. 😆

    shyshy6510: 😆 I understand what your sayin

  2. Emily Says:

    I had a diary, that didn’t go well, my new puppy peed on it. So now I have a new diary that I write in every night, just like what happened during my day, nothing too personal now because I don’t have a lock.

    shyshy6510: haha wow and I write like 4 pages a night in a 70 cent diary from the dollar store and yea mine is super personal if someone sees it… it’s all bad.

  3. couturegirl Says:

    Hey hey! I looove ♥ your site! Hehe imma add you to my blogroll. Btw, do you have Twitter? 🙂

    shyshy6510: Hey Hey!! Thanks!! and yeah I do search shyshy6510!! And thanks, but I don’t know your site you don’t have it put down.

  4. sunny2304 Says:

    Awww i like this boy and he says he thinks im nice but he would neva go out wid me 😦

    But i keep writing him poems and i tink im winning him over 😀

    shyshy6510: Awwww that is super sweet and yea I had the biggest crush on the cutest boy in the world and he was super nice to me and said he liked me, but he would never go out with me. 😦

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