3rd of July


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Well the 3rd of July I had more fun than the 4th of July definitely.

On the 3rd of July my grandma, sister Shalia, Mom,Natalya my baby sister, Kenny my mom’s boyfriend, my grandpa, my bestfriend Courtney, and I all went to my Aunt Beht’s Lake house which is in Malvern. It is pretty cool.

She has a water trampoline and a Pontoon boat and a fast boat and 2 jet skis that really no one uses. We jumped on the trampoline for a while and then me and Courtney got on the top and pulled the ladder up and then jumped in and got under the trampoline. We came back out and my sister {{ she just turned 8 that very day }} was whining because she couldn’t get the ladder. We figured out we couldn’t get the ladder down either and I had pushed Courtney up and she put her feet on my knees and I pushed her up.

THE FOOD WAS GREAT!! Yeah call me fat I don’t care!!! There was taco salad and hot wings and just tons of food, but I mainly munched on watermelon and then she has a little chocolate fountain and you can dip animal crackers, cherries, strawberries, bananas, and some other stuff and it’s just soooooooo good!!!!

I have this blue bathing suit that is a halter at the top and goes into a skirt. I walked past my grandma and here is how the convo goes-
Stop!! she said
Ummm Ok. For why?? I said
Lift up your skirt. she said
What the hell!!! I said
Shy I think I saw something. she said
So I lifted up my skirt and we found a leech!!!!! OMFG I FUQKIN HATE BUGS AND I FREAKED OUT!!! I was sooooo happy that the leechwas skinny and wasn’t real big fat and juicy and didn’t take a lot of my blood or whatever, but I cried my eyes out. My cousin Cooper burned it and my aunt Beth said that’s the first time she ever heard somebody getting a leech from the water. This is a leech when it is real big and has been sucking your blood for a while –

Picture 6

Yeah Nasty I know!!! For the 4th of July we really don’t do anything, the 3rd is when it all happens.

Since I don’t post on here all the time if you wanna keep up to date with me catch me at these places –>>

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Email- elephantgirl814@gmail.com

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  1. Wexfief [Not Logged In] Says:

    Hey Shy. It’s been a long time since I visited your site and it’s been a while since you visited mine. Now, I have 38, 000+ hits. Do you think you can comment back at my site? Thanks if you can.


    PS: I will have a membership contest for CP once I get 40, 000. IDK if you still play CP.

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