New blog scheme.


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Well hey I have a whole entire new blog scheme. I changed my picture on here {{ it isn’t the cutest one of me }} and I changed the style of my blog. I need more ideas for pages, because my blog is losing its PAZAZZ all the way. It is becoming boring and useless and I would like for you guys to give me a lot of great ideas. Also please don’t make me headers without asking for like what I want yes I know you are trying to be nice, but if your going to do something please ask me.

Here are just a couple of rules for here:

1.) Please no cussing I am allowed to do it though 🙂
2.) Keep your comments cute or keep it on mute. I don’t want to read a story just a comment.
3.) Don’t tell me how to run my site – I got this – ideas are what I need.
4.) Don’t beg to be on my blogroll, I can make exceptions if I like your site.
5.) I love you 🙂

Please take all the rules into consideration.

Follow me on Twitter. Just search shyshy6510. e-mail is

Peace lovez ya!!

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4 Responses to “New blog scheme.”

  1. couturegirl Says:

    Hey girl heyy! Ok I’m 14 btw. lol
    Anywaysss, follow me on Twitter! I’m follwing you too! 🙂

    shyshy6510: KK and I was wondering because you greeted one of them by saying Hey Bitches!! Lol I was laughin when I saw it. And I’ll request to follow you a.s.a.p.

    • couturegirl Says:

      haaha yea I dont mean it in a bad way… i just enjoy greeting people with b****. lol 😀

      shyshy6510: 😆 I understand what you mean.

  2. gardenax Says:

    Comment the numbers? That’s on the next post. I see you’ve made changes on the blog. I was thinking of renaming my blog this past week, and changing lots of things. What do you think?

    – Gardenax

    shyshy6510: Ohhhh…. and I think great idea change is good and helps you think of new ideas.

  3. gardenax Says:

    Since when have Nochia and you been friends? It’s like Nochia only interacts with the people in her group, and her posts turns in to chatrooms. Two Club Penguin Cheaters been on her blog (which she doesn’t know), and it’s like the only outsider she had talked and became friends with was you.

    On the Club Penguin Test, I’d rate her a Levels 1 and 3 for a Homebody, and a person who only hangs out with her friends.

    – Gardenax

    shyshy6510: I have been friends with Nochia for a while and you are true that her posts do become chat rooms. I try to join them, but people ignore me. 😦

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