Kayla’s Bday Party


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Okay before I start talking about Kayla’s 12th birthday party I am going to tell you something gross my grandpa told me.Oh and did you notice WP has changed the smiley faces!!! 🙂

Gross Fact: If you touch raccoon poop and then like somehow that nasty stuff gets in your mouth, then the worms in it grow in your stomach eventually they travel up to your brain and eat your brain and you die. That would be a messed up death. Just imagine an obituary reading, “James George Smith,died at the age of 5, was found playing outside eating raccoon poop and died approximately 4 days later,” Nasty!!!

Okay here is Kayla’s party.

Her party was great.We had cake and icecream and she got a Coach purse,some perfume,lots of fake nails and nailpolish,lots of hair accessories, a blue aèropostale bag, and lots of aèropostale shirts/uniform shirts and just plain clothes.She also got like 70$ in money {{ I gave her 10$ 😀 }} and is going out to eat on Saturday along with Rockie’s {{ a skating place }}. We had tons of fun they were all play fighting and C got it on video. A lot of people were there and we just had a blast and they were blasting music. Good music. 🙂 . Some of us were supposed to stay tonight there, but C’s mom wanted to go out to a club. So most of the kids there came to C’s house and there were 15 kids in all. I was near the one guy I practically love the whole time. It’s hard to sit next to somebody knowing they mean everything to you, but you mean nothing to them. 😥 it’s okay when I’m older I’ll have him. The boys were being gay though, because we were all in the room and I guess they all decided they wanted to moon us {{pull down their pants so we could see their bottoms 🙂 Haha bottoms!! }} Boys are funny sorry, but I don’t want to see your little white BOTTOM!! 🙂 yeah loving that word, man!! A lot of people were fighting and the one little kid was biting, but we had fun and I ended up falling asleep in front of the giant mirror on the hard cold basement floor.

That’s about it, but it was super awesome!!

School for me will be here somewhere near the end of August I think the 28th. Well anyways we have to wear uniforms and here are our shirt colors:
Navy Blue
Our pants colors are just Black,Navy Blue, and Khaki {{ which is tan }} .

This year I have decided I am getting all my polos from Dots and I am going to get a couple of blouses. I am going to get my dad to take me to Claire’s and Citi Trends to get lots of jewelry and I am going to have my grandma buy me like 3 cute skirts with like one pair of flats. Those are my new plans!!!

Keep in touch??






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2 Responses to “Kayla’s Bday Party”

  1. ⁞.Ʊ▲ƴ Says:

    Thanks soo much for commenting and visiting my blog! THANKS SOOO MUCH! btw those dots are pretty cool! Come on da chat drk lissa and me are on there http://xat.com/twilightclanudrets

    shyshy6510: 😆 You are welcome!!!! LOL and thanks and yepperz I’m there.

  2. ~Maya Says:

    Lol nice >.<

    shyshy6510: thanks

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