My site…..


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My site isn’t the best, but I try… I really do.

Well in news Michael Jackson’s Memorial was on ABC today.. and I unfortunately missed it!! 😦 I still got to watch part of it though online.

I added a mixpod to the site… but can’t figure out how to put it at the bottom of the site… so whenever it disappears I’ll repost it.

Hannah Montana 3 Soundtrack came out today.

My new favorite colors are black, hot pink, and lime green. 🙂

I think Nick Jonas is amazingly hot!!!

I now have a weird obsession with Fall out Boy and Panic at the Disco.

-Panic at the Disco broke up yesterday 😦

Short post… but I gotta go!!


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2 Responses to “My site…..”

  1. ~Maya Says:

    😦 It’s so sad how Panic! at the Disco broke up 😥

    Such a lost…such a lost.. man.

  2. Tan Zhao Xun Says:

    Hi, I’m trying my best to add music on my sidebar. How did you put the mixpod on your sidebar? 😀

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