Whaty you been up to?


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Me… I’ve been up to nothing really.

Well today my dad called me and I was supposed to be getting a white sidekick. So he called me and I asked him if he asked about the plan and he said yeah I could get free text and free online with 300 minutes a month for 80.00$ a month. He said it’s too much money and that my mom would have to pay 40.00$ a month if I wanted it to happen.DAMN!!I’ll end up getting a Verizon phone. 😦

Tomorrow here are my plans. We are going to the Akron Zoo from like 12:00pm – like 3:00pm and then from there we are either going swimming or out to eat. Then at 7:00pm we are going to see Ice Age 3.

Tonight my mom is going to cut my hair **chop chop** and then she is going to wash it and THEN she is going to highlight it RED!!

Yeah it sounds awesome… you don’t have to remind me OR tell me again…. 😀

Hmm.. what else. I am moving Sunday and we are going to paint my room dark purple and I might get a new bed set, but I know I’m getting a whole bunch of these letter stickers that I can stick on my wall… they’re awesome believe me.

That’s about all!!

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4 Responses to “Whaty you been up to?”

  1. sony24dah Says:

    I have a Verizon phone! I have the dare.. O.o…
    I have 450 min, unlimted text, pic, video ect msg. And unlimted internet, and the vcast videos.. Ice age was phunne..

    That sounds sooo cool!! How much is it a month though! This would help me a ton because I definitely want unlimited text and on-line (<- if I can get on-line). Yeah and Ice Age 3 was funny!! OMG 😯 I WANT THE DARE PHONE THINGY!! IT LOOKS SOOO AWESOME IMMA ASK MY DADDY!!!

  2. JacksonZ Says:

    I’m gonna get a phone, can u answer these questions for me?

    -Are your minutes for the whole month, or a year? How does that work?

    -How much would one of those phones with the keyboard flipper things cost??

    I never had one and I don’t know how it works lol.

    I’ll tell you what I can. You can get pre-paid minutes which is you pay for the minutes and then use them and when they run out you gotta buy some more.Or you could get a monthly plan.And for the keyboard flipper things all of them are over 50$, but it depends on what brand/version you want.

  3. drkshadow17 Says:

    i got verizon 😀
    its awesome 😀

    What type of phone do you have?

  4. sony24dah Says:

    I really don’t know..


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