Cellphone.. HELP ME!!


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Imma try 2 rite dis post mor like a txt.. lyke im txtin sum1 😀

Anyways guys i still need a fone.

Rlly badly.

Help me… plzzerz


1. lyke 40$ a month

2. fone needs 2 cost lyke 100$ or below

3. unlimited txtin ma homies

4. atleast 300 mins. a month

5. QWERTY keybord
-dat means dat da lettas “abc” dont share a key dey all got dey own key


1. unlimited online
-dm 2 me if it has dat dats y i got a pc


1. slidy fone or flipper fone
-da fone can slide lyke a sidekick or it can b 1 of those flip fone thing a ma jigs – but id ratha have a slidy fone


dats it for da fone news

i am gonna start writin lyke im txtin bc i think its kewler and i lyke it btr and idk but jus bc i want 2 !!!

soooo yeah 😀

wat type of fone do u have?? whats it lyke??

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One Response to “Cellphone.. HELP ME!!”

  1. drkshadow17 Says:

    mk, answers to da comment on my site-

    price- $250 (but the price includes da plan, nd it mite b less now cuz i got mine in november)
    i have unlimited text- $10-$15 (around there) its unlimited 2 anyone else w/ verizon. anyone else w/ a diff company u get 500 texts to.
    i share like 800 minutes w/ my parents.

    da bill is like $100 a month but thats w/ me going over my limit of 500 texts (so minus like $20 from that) and thern. and my parents have fones so yea, its less than $80 😀 VERIZON FTW!

    😆 sounds superly overly kewl cuz lyke my dad is bein soooo sheisty wit his $ rite now and lyke idk he is actin lyke he aint gonna buy me a fone now but oh trust and believe imma make him buy me a fone 😀 but yea sounds cool and me i only got a couple of pplz 2 text so i dont think id go ova da bill

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