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Well if you haven’t heard.. I’m moving!

Sorta good/sorta bad thing.

New house.New phone number!! 😮 Different foods 😛 . Different boys 😀 (I saw some my age playin basketball) New people. Not a new school. New room. New bedset.. maybe!!

Oh and computer wise….

The computer I’ll be on I basically know how to do nothing on. I can edit pics from the good ol’ help of Photobucket.. and I can bookmark stuff still… but I don’t have webcam. Which means I’ll have to get a camera.

Money better start growing on trees soon.

That’s about it.. sorry there are no pictures or nothing.. but I gotta go and start packing.

Follow me?

Add me?

E-mail me?

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8 Responses to “Movinz”

  1. [h@D Says:

    Heyyy! Wow, sounds … good for you! At least you dont have to change schools, I would hate that.

    I added you on my blogroll backkerz~!

    😆 yeah I guess. And THANKERZ YOU!!

  2. JacksonZ Says:

    That’s cool. It’s a whole new experience for you and believe it or not you’ll change and learn new stuff. I have had experience. Where you moving to?

    P.S. Thanks for the answers. I think I understand it now lol.

    I ain’t moving to Cleveland just to like about 20 minutes away from where I live now. You wouldn’t know where it is and yeah I hope so. 😀

  3. drkshadow17 Says:

    in response to da comment on my site-
    i got da LG Voyager 😀

    Hmm… how much is that??

  4. gardenax Says:

    Funny how since you’ve came back you’re posts, designs, blog, and mostly everything has been decorative. You’ve colored your texts.

    yeahz kewlioz da color is superly overly awesome and i think my site is btr dis way

  5. gardenax Says:

    If you like Michael Jackson then read this:

    wow dats crazy i read it all and me personally dont think he faked his death cuz dat would b very dum of him and he put his kids and a lot of otha ppl through a lot cuz of his death

  6. Chloe Says:

    Ohh, coolz. I dun’t like moving house.. 😀

    i sorta do but ppl r pissin me off bc lyke dey wont go and pack dey keep bein lazy!!

  7. drkshadow17 Says:

    da derek clontz person also thinkz that elvis is alive so yea, dnt belive dat site

    yea i didnt. who would jus fake their death when they know that they are putting so many hearts in pain.. 😦

  8. thefranzii Says:

    its much more kewler than photobucket 😀

    kkz 🙂

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