My site… is boring… :(


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ma site is boring… dont try 2 say it isnt.. cuz it is!!


OK lets tlk games. i got counting and i think dats it. wat otha games can i add?? what otha FUN games can i add?

pic-a-tures vids and posts. my posts dey arent random lyke sum pplz bc it actually makes me mad wen im readin a post and u keep changin da topic or da subject. stick 2 one subject ppl.. its annoyin. pictures i dnt kno how 2 upload on dis computer but i can try.. and vids idk bout dem dey get borin sumtimes!!OMG I FOUND OUT HOW TO PUT PICS ON HERE.. GO ME!! *does victory dance*


lets tlk bout me now. ok well da movin situation isnt goin out good so far. at da new house we got all da babys stuff/a mattress/sum food/add da bathroom stuff/a giant big screen plasma tv/a table dat was left there/a workin dvd playa dat was left dere/and sum livin room stuff. last nite we slept on da mattress and watched ice age da first one and i cried.. such a softy i am!! 😦 such a good movie!!! umm we gonna get da stuff from ma house on wednesday to take to da new house and umm dats bout it!!

Visit my good ol friend Gardenax’s blog at his blog is about basically w/e and he jus has a contest.. too bad u missed it! 😦

There is a contest at dis blog dat i jus recently discovered from pressin random links dat is her blog and da contest u gotta edit dis pic of a flower but on my pc it aint lettin me so i cant enter!!

i tired.

Follow me?

Add me?

E-mail me?

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4 Responses to “My site… is boring… :(”

  1. Kelly Says:

    heyy i am always bored so i like ur site

    uhhhhg… ok idk if dats a gewd thing or a bad thing but ill take it as a gewd thing.. so YAYZERZ 😀

  2. Chloe Says:

    Heey (:
    Your quote’s finished! You can pick it up on my pick up page located on my order a quote page! I hope you like it! If you don’t you have 5 days to tell me and I’ll change it 2 how you want it.

    Thankerz u sooo much!! i luvverz it but i edited it and took out da heart so u wouldnt have 2 do it 😀

  3. dunya Says:

    it can’t possibly be as boring as mine xD mine has like 1 page and 5 posts ;_; i can’t come up with anything.

    I’ll check it out and advertise if ya still makin it i can always help 😛

  4. gardenax Says:

    Thanks for the advertizing. I got a refer from your site today. It’s weird how when I had the Penguin Contest, people kept coming back to my site and when I had the Coin Code stuff, people just left, lol.

    Did you hear that a beta on CP named Coco created a site?

    your welcome and lol yea i know and nope i dont follow clubpenguin stuff anymore

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