….. Movie Review …..


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hey guys well da next couple of posts r gonna b movie reviews

sumtimes ppl wanna watch movies but dey dont kno any good ones 2 watch

so imma do some reviews on some good movies dat i particularly like

old and new movies….


Picture 1

What happens when the numbers run out?

*- In 1959 students draw pictures of life as they think it will be in 2009 which would be 50 years from then. Students draw pictures of rocket ships and many other things, while Lucinda Embry, an odd child who tends to hear voices, draws a long line of numbers. They then put all the pictures into a time capsule. Caleb gets Lucinda’s “picture” and his dad John (Nicolas Cage) , who is a widower/father/and astrophysicist, gets the long line of numbers. He then discovers that the numbers contain the dates of disasters that have happened in the last 50 years and how many people that died in that disaster. He also finds out that some numbers are left.. which means more disasters are going to happen. He then finds Lucinda’s daughter and investigates because he learns that his son Caleb is starting to hear voices and was visited by a strange visitor that comes and goes and that has even showed him a “vision” of the future, which contains fire and mass destruction.
What will the world come to? -*

-Review by Shyshy6510


i think its a gewd review, but dats jus my opinion

its a gewd movie and if u have seen it b surr 2 tell me wat u think

if u saw it cuz u saw dis post rite here den tell me wat u think deff.

kkz byerz!!

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6 Responses to “….. Movie Review …..”

  1. Lissanoel Says:

    I watched that movie a few weeks ago. loved it! Very nicely written review. 🙂


  2. Annie Says:

    Hey shy!
    Sorry, I couldn’t enter you in my contest as you were late and the contest is finished now 😦 Sorry! But don’t worry I’m sure to have another contest soon 😀


    damn… it took me forever to figure it out to… ughhh dis sucks

  3. dunya Says:

    my ultimate fave movie : THE NOTEBOOK!!! cant get any btter then that…
    knowing seems interesting o=

    i saw dat movie but i dont rlly remember it at all and yea its a gewd movie u should c it 😀

  4. dunya Says:

    true about my avatar .. 😛 i like it tho, i did it aalllll by myself on paint 8) 😛 😀

    kewl i suck at makin stuff on paint unless im editin it

  5. StarandWiifan Says:

    jeez that movie sounds really good! 😀

    lolz its peerrrtttyyyy gewd 😀

  6. drkshadow17 Says:

    i was gonna go see it w/ one of my friends but then my parents r like “NO! U CANT! UR SICK! U CANT B COUGHING IN DA MOVIE THEATERS!” im like “THE MOVIE ISH LOUD! IM BARELY COUGHING!” but i didnt see it 😦

    great movie. try 2 c it when u get a chance.

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