My day.. read da post.. u kno u wanna!


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well i am done doin movie reviews.. cuz i jus wanna b.

u can always request me 2 do one and ill do one 🙂

well… u say u wanna hear my day… okay dokey den

well woke up around 9 but aint feel like gettin outta bed so jus layed there. got out of bed around like 12 and got in shower.changed into a outfit i jus threw together and den mason came home [he has been at his butt buddys house since school got out] but he only came home 4 his bday. later on…

we went to my twin cousins jeff and cliffs bday parties and dey turned 4. dey was pretty happy and was basically in their hummer powerwheels da whole time.. dey had fun though. i rlly didnt eat, basically jus da fruit salad stuff dey had.. it was gewd!!

den afta that i went to a football game in canton, ohio. yea ohioans we rock and yall betta not hate in all a otha states cuz dont no one do it btr den ohio when it comes to football… no thats basketball.. my bad 😆 da game was ok but i wanted sum funnelcake its sooo gewd!!! it was 4$ and we only had 2$ .. yea we broke i kno lolz dats y da tickets was free!! 😀 and OMG 😛 i saw dis sexy azz guy go down the row and he looked my age [12-13] and he looked arab or mexican and he was jus soo sexy cuz i got a thang for foreigners

funnelcake ->

Picture 5

dats all dat happened today

ohhhh and i finished the book called “The name of this book is secret” by Pseudonymous Bosch. and it was a great book – BBfreeze at reccomended da book to me and it was about 300 pgs i remem and i finished it in 2 days!!! 😀 it was sooo gewd and addictin and if u get time get da book and read it. im gettin da second one sumtime soon.

here are sum pics of da LOLZCATZ AND BIRDZ 😀 of da world.. dey will soon rule us all!!

Picture 4

u kno dat is rite!!!

Picture 6

show off!! dats me rite there

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4 Responses to “My day.. read da post.. u kno u wanna!”

  1. Chloe Says:

    Heh, cool. Funneh bird pic xD

    lolz thatd b me – all da way 🙂

  2. dunya Says:

    lmao @ the cat one. xD!!

    lolz yepperz man

  3. Puppyscruffy Says:

    OMG THE NAME OF THIS BOOK IS SECRET IS SOOOO GOOD! ITS 1 OF MY FAVE BOOKS 😉 funnel cake = ❤ ive only had it like twice, tho. rofl i like the cat pic xDD

    yes great book bbfreeze recommended it to me!! greatness shall b achieved by pseudonymous bosch!!! 😀 and funnelcake is soo good i had it last yr when i went to a haunted prison – we had it b4 we went i guess it was supposed to help ease us but dats a whole nother story lolz

  4. M. M. Says:

    Initially, it sounded boring… Then, I believe, it turned into a pretty exciting day… Congrats on completing the book… (:

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