Need books!?


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SUMMER is almost over and when summer ends… school starts.

While summer is here though, some people [like me] tend to get bored very easily. To pass the time away they read.

Here are some good books to read when school starts, or during summertime. Whenever really.


1.) The name of this book is secret BY Pseudonymous Bosch . [Great book BBfreeze told me about it]

2.) 1st book Twilight BY Stephenie Meyer. [Awesome book.Now a movie. Complicated love and vampire]

3.) 2nd book New Moon BY Stephenie Meyer.

4.) 3rd book Eclipse BY Stephenie Meyer

5.) 4th book Breaking Dawn BY Stephenie Meyer [Last book so far {Midnight Sun coming out soon} and longest book I’ve read]

6.) Matilda BY Roald Dahl [Great plot/story and now a movie]

7.) The BFG BY Roald Dahl [BFG=Big Friendly Giant]

8.) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory BY Roald Dahl [Now a movie!]

9.) James and the Giant Peach BY Roald Dahl [Now a movie! I’m renting it now!]

10.) Coraline BY Neil Gaiman [Great book seeing the movie tomorrow]

11.) 1st book Uglies BY Scott Westerfeld [Awesomeness book!!]

12.) 2nd book Pretties BY Scott Westerfeld

12.) 3rd book Specials BY Scott Westerfeld [Didnt read, but the first 2 were good.]

13.) The City of Ember BY Jeanna DuPrau [Didn’t read, but the movie was great]

14.) Slumdog Millionaire : A novel BY Vikas Swarup [Didn’t read, MOVIE WAS FANTASTIC!!]

15.) The secret life of bees BY Sue Monk Kidd [Didn’t read the book, but saw the movie and it was great!]


These are just books that I’ve read; or seen the movie;or would like to read.

Read them for fun or just for reading them. Whichever you choose.

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5 Responses to “Need books!?”

  1. Dexter333 Says:

    I get bored very easily too but im not a big fan of books so this summer i started playing the violin and the guitar……

  2. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    the city of ember is a series and its pretty good 😛

  3. M. M. Says:

    I’ve read the first eight books recommended… and I’ve watched Slumdog Millionaire (:

  4. M. M. Says:

  5. StarandWiifan Says:

    the longest book I’ve ever read was Eragon. The longest book that I would maybe read in my whole life would be Harry Potter & the Order of the Pheonix.

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