Coraline The Movie


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i saw Coraline the movie yesterday… unfortunately i couldnt find my 3-D glasses so i couldnt watch it in 3-D

which seemed like it woulda been pretty cool

da movie was gewd overall and if you didnt kno dat it was based on a book by Neil Gaiman called Coraline

imma do a movie review 🙂



Picture 1Coraline Movie Logo.

An adventurous girl finds another world that is a strangely idealized version of her frustrating home, but it has sinister secrets

*- The movie Coraline [most people mix her up and call her Caroline] is about a girl who has blue hair [voice played by Dakota Fanning] and doesn’t really like her life. She has two parents who write Garden catalogs. An upstairs neighbor Mr.Bobinsky who supposably has a jumping mice [mooshkas] circus, who he will amaze the world with. Mrs.Spink and Mrs.Forcible live downstairs and own a lot of dogs and were once actors. And last, but not least Wybie. Wybie is like Coraline’s own personal stalker, but also her friend. He has a black cat who helps her a lot in the “other” world. She discovers this “other” world through this door in her living room. In the “other” world everything is the same, but a lot better. Her “other” parents love to garden and cook the best. Wybie is quiet [his black cat can talk in the “other” world] and Mr.Bobinsky actually has a mice circus that performs the best. Mrs.Spink and Mrs.Forcible perform shows that are sooo worth it. The weirdest thing though, is that everyone has black button eyes and that their world only consists of their house and the others houses and then the woods.If you walk past the woods, you end right back up at the house. Then Coraline’s “other” mother starts getting mean, and Coraline wants to go home, but she won’t let Coraline. She even discovers that the “other” mother has took her parents and has 3 ghost children who didn’t behave. Coraline and her “other” mother play a game and is Coraline going to stay there forever or go back home releashing the 3 ghost’s childrens’ souls and her parents? -*

Movie Review by Shyshy6510 of


its a perty gewd movie

and for once id have to say that the movie is better than the book

cuz da book is a lil confusing

well i might go to my besties house today, for da first time in 3 weeks. we got in an arguement. dum stuff

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9 Responses to “Coraline The Movie”

  1. drkshadow17 Says:

    i JUST made a post on da :mrgreen: smiley yesterday and wp decided to bring back the old smileys! i was like wth?!?!?! thanks wordpress! so i had to go edit my post =/

    😆 sooo in a way u wasted time posting about something that was already about to happen 😀 hahaz thats funny thought like total WTF

  2. Chloe Says:

    Ohh, I wanna watch that movie kinda. :mrgreen: teehee, i love his greenosity.

  3. ⁞.Ʊ▲ƴ Says:

    Awesome review (: that movie seems a little creepy (: btw I just realized da colored dots at the end of your post I love them perty (:

  4. drkshadow17 Says:

    yea, basically xP

  5. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    coraline looks weird 2 meh. it has freaky button-eyed ppl o.O

  6. gardenax Says:

    Lucky you get to see movies. In my life I only went to a movie theater once.

  7. Lissanoel Says:

    I watched that movie last week (or was it the week before that…whavever) and it was kinda creepy. they’re all “MWAHAHA I’M GOING TO TAKE OUT YOUR EYES AND GIVE YOU BUTTON EYES!” how mean of the ‘other parents’

  8. StarandWiifan Says:

    man, I havn’t seen the movie, but the book is great! 😀

  9. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    oh yah- abouty my fone bill. it costs $30 a month (a lot less than $80) so sorreh if im tellin u dis late but i decided to tell youz anyways :mrgreen:

    oh yah-ur in my new post on my site (the 1 WHOLEEEEEE YR!!!!!) one 😀

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