sorry bout not postin


sorry about not posting its just i got a lot of stuff going on.

would u go out with a 6th grader if u were in the 7th??

nothing has rlly been happening with me. im either going to florida for a week or cedar point for 2 days before da summer is ova. we might not go to florida cuz my dad’s p.o. [[probation officer]] is goin on vacay and when we r pose to be in florida she wants to see him. SCREW YOU PROBATION OFFICER!!

ummm i have to wear uniforms for school [[which starts august 26th for me]] and i am gettin some uniforms august 14th or 16th and i am gettin some hightop applebottom shoes today and i am gettin some hightop yellow converses that fold over to black checkered print sometime soon for school.

damn i have no clue what to post about so i jus made this post updatin u on ma life.



4 Responses to “sorry bout not postin”

  1. puppyscruffy Says:

    u hav to wear uniforms??? that suxs!

    yesh i know.

  2. Chloe Says:

    Ewwwwwww, uniforms!! I have to wear them soo I know alll aout the ewwwwwness of uniforms – you can’t freaking express your individuality in them which is sooooo saddd 😦

    super true. hate blue pants and white polo basically every freakin day.

  3. Starduust Says:

    awww, that sucks that you have to wear uniforms, ugh – my school was thinking of it, but district said no

    lucky you.

  4. Starduust Says:

    Haha yeah, oh and the answer to your question is yes, like there only year apart example women or men in this days, I’ve seen them get marry to someone 10 years older or younger; but it kinda depends on your self would it be awkward going out with a 6th grader
    long answer ;p

    thanks, but like adults are allowed to do that cuz like my gma is 50 [[sry for puttin ur age out there]] and my grandpa turns 41 in november. but then again its her second husband. and yea thanks 🙂

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