— lASt 2 DAyS —


im not gonna decorate my posts for a while

wordpress has become very lame for me.

well i went to my daddy’s house da other day.

when i got there we went to this corner store called Queens and i got a cell – its pageplus and i got 100 mins and 2000 texts, but when i get 11$$ imma buy some more texts. there rlly isnt no one to txt though- sorta sucks. i thought a cell would b a lot funner, but i guess i though wrong. well the guys that own/work the place are 3 arab guys. man their arab voice/language is hilarious it sounds like gibberish. the one dude [[the youngest one]] he called dis dude on his cuzzos phone and was like “hey yo crackhead” and they was like “what” and he said “AYY YO CRACKHEAD-WHAT YOU NO HEAR ME CRACKHEAD!” i was rollin and den dey was throwin twinkies and stuff at eachother. yea dey weird.

came bac to his  house and nothing rlly happened.

da next day we left around 1 and we headed off to jCpennys outlet store thing a ma jig. well i got a khaki skirt/khaki capris/navy blue capris from there. like all dey shirts was little kid shirts and i was soooo pissed when i went into da dressing room and could barely get out dis damn shirt i was flippin out and stuff inside da dressing room. yea ppl prolly thought i was weird when dey saw me stompin out lookin a mess!

den we went to burlington coat factory. dey have soooooo much jewelry there and imma tell u a secret. [[! W@n+3D +O $+3@! $Um 0f +H3r3 $+UfF $0oO0O B@dLy!!]] i know why people jack stores [[jack means steal]] because dey stuff cost sooo much. tell me who pays 7$ for 3 pairs of plastic hoop earrings. [[! W@s B0U+ +0 $+3@l 1 P@!R]] . well dere we jus got me a pair of babyphat shoes that are hightops and they are white and on da side dey say babyphat in a graffitti type way and da colors all on da shoe are white/black/yellow/and blue oh and i got some matchin bracelets for a dollar.

NEXT STOP WAL-MART!! wal-mart i hate their clothes they are soooo ugly personally. i mean i hate miley cyrus’s new clothing line has max in it or somethin but damn her clothes are ugly as ever!!! well anyways… they had nooo girl polo’s – so i got boys. to tell u da truth dey look da same!! and dey was about 4$ cheaper. den i got some white tanktops for under da shirts. dey have a big as ever jewelry section at wal-marts. at dis one section no one can see u and [[! +00K D@ +@g Of D3$3 BR@c3l3+$ @Nd PU+ 3m !N M3h pOck3+]] but den i got scared and took em back out but no one woulda noticed it!! i mean it was as if i woulda put em on and dey woulda looked like dey was mine! still pissed i aint [[j@cK]] em!!

nothing else happened for about da rest of da time besides da fact dat i am on page 176 on da book “Flowers in the Attic” by V.C. Andrews.


get it when u can dudes!!

here are all da races of people – black, mixed, white, and orange.

i learned da orange thing from da show real chance of love and damn i love freckles attitude [[sasquatch]]


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One Response to “— lASt 2 DAyS —”

  1. Starduust Says:

    Stuff is expensive this days, but stores are going to relize people won’t buy things and lower the prices.

    Walmart doesn’t have very good clothes XP I go there a lot only cause there’s a subway(i loveeee subways :D)


    mhmm there is a subway inside wal-mart it smelt sooooo freakin good!!!

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