do ya ever get bored on the computer!??

people say im addicted to the computer. well first of all dey say it likes its a bad thing 😛 , but im not or id nvr go anywhere that doesnt have a computer like my dad’s house or my best friends house. and ppl who dont have computers think they are sooooo fun.. when rlly they can get seriously boring sometimes!!!!

well…. is a great website to go to when ur bored. <- that is something fun i came across. all u gotta do is answerr the ?’s and dey make u a prettiful pictures.

Here is mine according to my answers on da followin date ->

[[Tuesday,August 4th,2009 at 10:57 p.m. ]]

Create A Painting

isnt it jus PERTIFULY!!!!!!!

i kno u luv it. thats y i kno u wanna go and make ur own.. i kno u wanna…i kno ya do!!!

kkz well peace out homie dog g-skillets.

IN NEWS WITH ME: The new with me is I am getting a digital camera soon!!!! [[and very soon we are going to see the king da da da]][[luvverz that song]] ANYWAYS -wow i get sidetracked easily- I am also gettin like three pairs of Converse styled shoes and ton of jewelry!! Oh and I have long hair [[goes 3 inches past my shoulders]] and I am getting it cut off!!! 😛 And getting a bob cut. I luv em.



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