Well people I am officially going to stop using like slang/txt talk on here and I am going to stop TyPiNG LiKE tHiS while on wordpress websites.

I may also stop colors.Only for special reasons I will use colors.

Well I want to keep my blog,but I get no comments or hits.

I have one faithful commentor who’s name is Gardenax/Gardena/or Gardena Chill;he owns which is currently like a game [RPG] and book review website.

My blog is officially a ALL REAL LIFE blog.

Maybe if I could get some advertisement from people;then I will advertise for you.And comment at your site more!!! (:

Well bye[for now] to all of my viewers [not many of you guys]

I will also add some pictures to the post [like Fails or LOLZCATS] the funnys. (:


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One Response to “Officially.”

  1. Starduust Says:

    Hii :]
    I don’t know what else to say, I just felt like dropping by an hi.
    Oh and I like fail pics ^.^

    thanks your another faithful commentor and visitor!!! awesomenss 😀

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