Hair Cut & Flowers in the Attic & Blogging


Well today I got my hair cut…

It isn’t in a style; but I think I mighta cried a little while I saw 3 inches of hair [that was damaged] fall to the ground,to be sweeped up by the precious shiny red Dirt Devil vacuum.

Heartbreaking Moment. 😥

My hair looks better now.It was about 3-4 inches below my shoulders,and now it is about 1 inches below my shoulder,but my ends look a whole lot better [they are super straight] and my hair looks healthier.

I’m happy with the end result. (:

Other than that I didn’t do anything today.I ate some steak-ems [sandwhiches with steak on them] and some french fries.Hung out with my mom and my baby sister Natalya.

The blog isn’t going through construction,but I need my blog to be better.I still wanna work here alone,unless I can get another real life blogger to join;if they want.I updated my whole entire “ABOUT ME!” page and check it out (: . If you have any ideas for pages please I bed of you tell me!!! There will be a contest once we reach 55,000 hits for an admin spot and some other things.Also if you comment here I will comment back definitely and if you advertise me on your blog I will advertise you here twice!!! (: yeah I’m awesome;don’t thank me.

On Saturday,Sunday,and maybe Monday and some other days 😆 I will be gone. I will try to post Saturday before I leave.I am going to my best friend’s house and we are going swimming on Sunday. (:

I finished the book I was reading.”Flowers in the Attic” by V.C. Andrews. The book was sooo good, it was the best book I ever read,swear to god on my life!!!!! Twilight has nothing on this book and V.C. Andrews is amazing!! The book is based on 4 kids who are locked in an attic waiting for their grandfather,who doesn’t know they exist,to die so their mother can inherit millions.The kids go through hell and I cried twice.Best book ever. ❤ Love this book and the movie.

Sorry about such a long post;much to be said.


Have you ever gotten your hair cut!??How’d you feel about the whole thing!?


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6 Responses to “Hair Cut & Flowers in the Attic & Blogging”

  1. Emily Says:

    Here’s a suggestion, I think you should use the theme vigilance, it’s a bit more unique, You can customize it and plus, this theme is a bit drab. So I think you should spice up your blog with vigilance and use some cool widgets! I’ll advertise you next Thursday at my ” You’ve been Noticed!” I can’t wait until your admin contest, I’ll be sure to enter! Maybe you should comment on more sites, famililize yourself with different types of blogs and different bloggers, create a sort of “network” between some bloggers that you like/admire , have them on your blog roll and add them to your site, it can really help raise your view! By the way, how many hits do you have?

    wow you have gaven me the most advice in like forever and yepperz i will get right on doing the vigilance thing when i go home in a couple of hours!!! cant wait thanks for all your help! i will find a lot of graphics from different sites and i might add a couple of people to my blogroll [like you and some other people that comment here a lot] and I will also thank you once again for!!!! putting me in a post!! thanks so much and ill advertise your site to because your being so nice and helping me!! also i have about 54,000 hits; they are at the bottom. THANKS SOOOO MUCH!!

  2. Starduust Says:

    I got a haircut once, and it was because I been straightening it too much, so I told her to cut 2 inches off, she cut 4 INCHES instead, I was so mad XP But, now it grown back and it’s nice and healthy 🙂

  3. shyshy6510 Says:

    Starduust; omg i woulda been super mad!! and thats part of the reason why i got one; straightening my hair ruined my ends and i had to get about 2-3 inches cut off. and thats gewd its nice and healthy now!! (:

  4. Chad Says:

    I like my short hair wayy better than my long hair… so much more easier to deal with.

  5. Starduust Says:

    Haha, I know! I kinda stop straightening my hair for a while during summer to give it a break, but I usually put it in braids, instead of straightening.

  6. shyshy6510 Says:

    Chad; i freakin love like skater dudes with like da little skater boy haircuts that be like long blond hair and it likes goes over their eyes…… but thats just me and my weird self. (:

    Starduust; kewl i still get it straightened but for the little summer I have left i probably wont and yea my mom braids my hair sometimes. (:


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