Just… my opinions


Ok well here are just some of my opinions on the blogging world.

  1. Well if someone comments at your site, you should comment back atleast once!!!! Comment back more too be nice!
  2. If someone advertises your blog, advertise theirs. Especially if they have a little bit of hits!!
  3. If you add someone to your blogroll, they should add you or atleast comment at your site daily or weekly.
  4. You should have a group of friends who you hang with all the time like on XAT chats or just through comments.

And those are all of my like “fair” views. If you comment here I will comment at your site a lot or atleast once!! I think that is the “fair” thing to do. If I am on your blogroll, I will add you to mine.[I deleted some from my blogroll because I always comment at their sites and they don’t comment back SOO RUDE!!] (: If you advertise my site, I’ll advertise yours. I also don’t have like a friend circle… so like I sorta need one. I tried to join a couple, but they didn’t like me… so that’s why I sorta gave up on blogging.

Also I have added “Question 1” and it will change every week; answer it please! I have changed the theme, because the other one was dull and boring.There will be a contest at 55,000 hits,I don’t know what kind of contest yet.Also how do you get the little things at the bottom of the comments that say “Good” or “Bad” because I want them!! (:


Have you ever commented at someone’s site and they didn’t return the comment?


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14 Responses to “Just… my opinions”

  1. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    go to- http://www.xat.com/twilightclanudrets its mayas (do u know ilan? redcowz? well, its his sister’s chat) people like scruffz & chloe (icedeburd) and a lottt of other people from wordpress go on it. so thats like my online “friend circle” thingy. everyone there is extremely nice BUT LET THEM KNOW YOU USE WORDPRESS AND KNOW ME if you dont know any of them unless they might ban you…cuz some ppl on it are like dat wen random ppl go on it

    i hate when i constantly comment on a persons site and they never comment on mine. it makes me feel like i wasted time on it. i spend like hours commenting sometimez.

    wit da good nd bad thing ill put dat in anotha comment thingy soon

  2. shyshy6510 Says:

    Drkshadow17/drk ; ive been there before and i have heard of redcowz and the other guy. yes i comment at maya’s blog all the time and she doesnt return em soooo i stopped commenting there. me and her talked for the longest on there, but then her friends came and she ignored me totally so i dont hang out with them online. and same here i constantly comment at many peoples sites like maya and dippyd and they nvr return em so i just stopped doing it. and thanks i rlly wanted to kno the good and bad thing cuz i saw it on a whole bunch of otha ppls sites.

  3. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    ohhh 😦 maya does get distracted pretty easily….

    i wish more bloggers were nicer & commented more often on pplz sites like you

    *iz typing up good/bad thingy 4 you*

  4. Starduust Says:

    Yeah, I agree, when someone comments on your site you should at least write a comment back..
    And the answer to your question is yes.

  5. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    on da side thingy of da dashboard (where like the thingys dat say posts&media&links and stuff) go to ratings (its underneath the comments tab thingy) click settings and theres options and stuff

    i hope i helped 😀

    wow i sed thingy a lot.

  6. shyshy6510 Says:

    Drkshadow17/drk; yes she does. she has never commented back. maybe once!! and thanks i luv seeing new sites cuz it helps me make mine better with like new ideas and stuff. and thanks u get ur own post for helping me!!

    Starduust; yes sooo true. if u dont ur rude and thats messed up because they took the time to comment you. i always comment back!! its nice (:

  7. Dippy Says:

    hey sorry for never commenting 😀 wow this blog ahas soooo many hits! im going to add u to my blog roll!!!!!!!!

  8. Dunya Says:

    yeah, that has happened to me lots. in fact, it happens most of the time xD

  9. Emily Says:

    Oh cool post! I highly agree! more than that, I *fully* agree!
    Check out my chat : http://www.xat.com/Emilylondons_Party_Place

  10. ⁞.Ʊ▲ƴ Says:

    that was really good! I will try to comment on here… i visit like daily or every other day i jsut never comment cuz i dnt wanna 😛

  11. shyshy6510 Says:

    Dippy; thanks ill add youu to mine to!!

    Dunya; yeah it super duper sucks; people can b sooo rude!

    Emily; THANKS!! and ill check it out dude!!

    Luhy; ohhh thanks lolz i never thought u visited but thanks for visiting even if youu dont comment!! (:


  12. Chloe Says:

    Oo yeah I go on xat.com/twilightclanudrets lottz . nd Bb’s chat – xat.com/rubberduckylove2. I know I dun’t always comment here but I visit lots…but I rlly am just lazy. And it’s soo annoying when yu like constantly comment on sum1’s site and they don’t comment on yours or you have 2 bug them 2 comment. Itsh soo annoying. =/

  13. shyshy6510 Says:

    Emily; kk thanks ill b sure to visit when i have some time!! (:

    Chloe; lolz thanks for visiting lots but not commenting; hey hits count to!! (: and yesh that is very annoying!! (:


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