What’s been happenin and more!!


Well I stayed at my mom’s house for a while and nothing really happened there…..

I watched the movie Halloween.There are many of them,but they just started re-making them.Rob Zombie made this one and it was amazingly awesome and is now one of my favorite movies.If you have never see Halloween it is about a little boy [The boy is Michelle the little kid from the movie Hancock who he threw up in the air] who killed his step-dad, his older sister,and his older sister’s boyfriend.Only people he didn’t kill were his mom and his baby sister.He gets put in a top notch prison and escapes like 10-30 years later on Halloween to get his baby sister who has now grown up.I advise you to not watch this because it is over PG-13 because of the fact that there are many se* scenes, that are disturbing.Happy I had it recorded and could fast forward it!!! (: Great movie- Haha I screamed and cried. The second one [Halloween 2] comes out August 28th,2009.

Then I got 10 dollars the next day to go swimming with my best friend.Left the house and stayed tonight at her house.

Swimming was super fun!!! Her mom said that we are a group and I snuck in without paying (: So I still had 10 dollars and it cost 5 dollars to get in!! I bought like everyone something, mainly fudge bars that are 89 cents (: they are cheap!! We went swimming and had super fun. Her cousin KK squirted this guy in the face and he chased her all around the pool, and we had a splash fight… okay it wasn’t a pool like this

Picture 2

but that pool is freaking awesome!! it was basically a giant square pool there was a 3 feet section, a 4 feet section, and a 6 feet section.When you get out you can go to the 12 feet pool which you can dive off the diving board into, i dont do that because i am scared i might not come back up!!! XD scaredy-cat i am.

I really haven’t went school shopping, and school starts August 26th, for me. I got me like 3 pairs of pants and 2 skirts.And like 10 polo’s, but 4 of them are men,because we couldn’t find girls,but JcPennys has girl ones so we are going to take them back.My mom gets her student loan money and she is going to spend from 100-150$ on me! (: which means like 2 more pairs of shoes, some new pants and polos,maybe a regular outfit,lots and lots of jewelry,and school supplies, because all my stuff is going to be blue or lime green!! (: Oh and note to viewers I have to wear uniforms.

Here are a picture of my school shoes, well the only ones I have right now. ->

Picture 1

I took the picture on my bed, and you know you just adore my shoes and my monkey blankie (: its awesome,yes I know!

I added some graphics to the sidebar [plopz and carebears cuz i love them!!!] and I am going to add some more sometime today,maybe when im done with this post,maybe not!! (:

<br><a href=”http://www.cherrybam.com/funny-graphics.php&#8221; target=_blank title=”Funny Graphics”><b><font size=1>Funny Graphics</font></b></a>

When we reach 55,000 hits there will be a contest.Here are the choices for the contest…..

The contest will be for another admin, a real-life blogger preferably.I don’t really like random posts that talk about pie,flying turtles,trashcans,and ninjas and then tons of LOLZ cats and Graphs- they bore me and are very boring to read. 😛 I also added some more people to blog-roll and some new songs to the dancing bear (: you can request a song.



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7 Responses to “What’s been happenin and more!!”

  1. Heyitsme (can't be bothered to log in) Says:

    Nice shoes! I hate my school ’cause we have to wear these horrible black school-style shoes. If we wear shoes like that or anything else we have to get a uniform slip. 😛
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! 😀

  2. Dunya Says:

    OMG I WATCHED THE SAME MOVIE 2 DAYS AGO!!!! I thought you were talking about another movie when you mentioned it on stars blog! are you serious?! i didn’t like it AT ALL, literally. i thought it was kind of boring, even! lol wow

  3. Starduust Says:

    I have never seen the Halloween movie before. And my pool kinda looks like that except the water slide. I wish I had a water slide!

  4. shyshy6510 Says:

    Heyitsme; thanks and wow we started out having to wear only all white shoes last yr then after like a month they stopped doing it cuz we refused to do it!! (: and ur welcome!

    Dunya; lolz such a co-in-ka-dink (: hahaz and omg i luv that movie and me and all my friends might even go see da second one on the 28th in the movie theatres

    Starduust; we dont have a pool we want one but our gma says no but even our gpa says yes!! crazy gmas now-a-days and its a great movie!!


  5. Chad Says:

    haha cool shoes! hopefulkly ur bestfwan skaterboy jeremy leiks em to. ahha.

  6. Emily Says:

    Wow! Cool!
    Omg my friend has a pool like that in her house in the Bahamas, I got go with her, the only difference is her pool has 5 slides that start at her MASSIVE tree house and go into the pool, and she has a HIGH diving board, oh yeah, shes filthy rich.
    I LOVE THOSE SHOES!!! Where’d you get them???? Halloween is such a scary movie, I watched it on Halloween at midnight at my boyfriends house ( his twin is my BEST BEST FRIEND!!)

  7. shyshy6510 Says:

    Chad; i knowerz my bestfwan jeremy will luvverz em and thanks!

    Emily; man ur friend is one of da freakin luckiest people in the world and thanks i got em from burlington coat factory i think we only got em in Ohio idk though…. and da movie halloween does rock, and wow i would nvr b allowed at my boyfriends house and if he had a twin id prolly get em mixed up lolz.


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