Graphic Dolls and Converses [Chuck Taylor’s]


Well there are many dress-up-games where you can dress virtual like people.

Well have you ever noticed how the girls look…. like nasty and inappropriate, like [S][l][U][t][S]

Here are just a couple to give you pure and utter proof ->

Picture 4<- Do you see her! Do you see how she looks!! Okay I give her props and kudos for her awesome hair cut because that’s how I want my hair cut super badly, but her dress shows too much!!! Like wow =are graphic designers serious now-a-days!!?? Super duper wow… you have got to be kidding me!!

Picture 8Now them  on the right are a bit more appropriate ,besides the way she is leaned over,cause it looks hoe-ish.Her outfit is cute though and the guy is cute, well only because I adore his haircut… and his earring.. and him (: Okay anyways we are done with the subject of Graphic Dolls. (:


Okay if you haven’t ever heard or saw converses anywhere you have been living in the darkest and deepest cave alive. They are awesome shoes, that last for a while and don’t crease [because they are made from fabris] like other shoes. I personally love converses and prefer them over Airforces and Jordans and Pastrys because Converses go with everything!!

Here is proof of their awesomeness.So many styles they have [the last ones are my favorite ones=i want em] ->

Picture 1Picture 9

Picture 10

These are the best ones, that I want!!!

These are the best ones, that I want!!!

Converses just rock and they are so versatile and amazingness and just utter awesomeity!!

Well that’s all for now.I’m going school shopping for more uniforms,shoes,and jewelry.Sooo I’ll have real-life updates instead of just “stuff” updates then.

There will be a new Question out tomorrow and you can suggest one, if you want to!!

Annndddd…. for the person who voted for the Colorfy contest,thats the same as Picture editing.




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3 Responses to “Graphic Dolls and Converses [Chuck Taylor’s]”

  1. Dunya Says:

    i agree about the converses, i love them&wear them all the time!

    i don’t think the doll is showing that much skin, i mean, it’s just legs. i wear short skirts&shorts all the time, so yah

  2. Starduust Says:

    cute shoes(:

  3. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    i kinda like ta 2nd to last ones 😛

    i love da pete wentz icon thingy xP

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