School… blechity blech. (:


Our colors for this blog are any shade of blue.

School starts for me on August 26th at 8:10 a.m.I am going into the 7th grade (: and happy about it.

At my school our whole district has to wear uniforms.

School Dress Code. ):

–We have to wear either red,any shade of blue,yellow,white,and black polo’s,button-downs,and blouses.

–We have to wear navy blue,white,and khaki skirts,bermudas,and pants.

–We can only wear black and white leggings. [things you wear under skirts]

–We can only wear black,white,and navy blue belts.

–We can wear any color of anything else.Sock,shoes,jewelry etc.

School “Stuff” Rules. :/

–Bookbags must be clear or mesh.Mesh means net.

–No purses.All personal items are carried in a plastic pencil case. [No girls follow this rule!!]

–No PDA in the hallways.PDA means Public Display of Affection.
~~That means kissing,hugging,touching, anything!! [No one follows this rule!!!]


Those are basically all of our school rules,besides like the code of conduct and all that.

What is your dumbest school rule ever!??

I have put the poll on the sidebar so please re-vote.And Picture editing is when I give you a picture and you edit it however you want to.

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15 Responses to “School… blechity blech. (:”

  1. Starduust Says:

    My dumbest school rule is we cant wear shorts xp not the dumbest in the world but yeah.
    Oooo I want a video making contest but i kinda want picture editing too!

  2. Madz Says:

    Our dumbest school rule is that we can’t die our hair any unnatural color. I mean really, what kind of rule is that? LOL

  3. Heyitsme (can't be bothered to log in) Says:

    My dumbest school rule is that we have to wear black socks. I mean come on! Who’s gonna look at your socks?! 😆

    Here’s some other dumb rules our school has:
    -We have to have our tie (yeah, we have to wear ties in our school) done up high with our top button done up (nobody follows this rule!).
    -We have to have our blouses/shirts tucked in if we take out jumper off (I really hate this rule – that’s why I never take my jumper off unless it’s so hot that I’m dying).
    -We are only allowed black belts. How dumb! I mean, belts are hidden under your jumper anyway! 😛

    But we are allowed PDA practically anywhere. I don’t get it – we have to follow those dumb rules above, but we’re allowed to do stuff like PDA! Our school is seriously messed up. xD

  4. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    omg, im laughing @ stardussts&madz&heyitsme’s comments. no unnatural colors?!!?! wtf?! no shorts?! black socks?!?! XDDDD

    idk…our skool dont have a lot of rules, their just rlly rlly strict. you can get detention for a lot of things-like skipping classes, etc. oh we cant wear anytih too revealing and…hm…dats it.

  5. Starduust Says:

    ^^ haha, yeah we have no shorts, cause buncha girls wore short shorts, and their like the shorts have to be like 2 ins above the your knee, those aren’t shorts, so we all did this thing against it where we wore the shortest shorts we had, and then they changed it to no shorts. :[ so we just made it worst

  6. shyshy6510 Says:

    Starduust; picture editin is much easier and i hate wearin shorts unless im goin to bed. and wow bad idea. our shorts have to be to wear if we put our arms down that our fingers touch the bottom of da shorts of da skirt.

    Madz; we have that rule, but i forgot. too bad for them cuz im gettin maroon highlights!! (:

    Heyitsme; some girls at my school wear ties for fun (: hahaz i aint got none so i dont. wow we gotta wear our shirts tucked in to, but i forgot dat rule too!! and wow only black belts; dats dumb.PDA ROCKS!!!

    Drkshadow17; hahaz yea dumb rules. and wow we get isi for skipping classes and all dat otha bad stuff.


    RULES I FORGOT: we have to tuck in our shirt; but i dont!!! (:
    we cant dye out hair any un-natural color like blue and green.

  7. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    wow. ppl dye there hair a lot here. purple,blue,white,pink, etc.

    we hav ISS-in skool suspension
    && after skool suspension (c y they dont shorten dat? heh)

    wow. the black belt iz stupid. who looks @ ur belt?!! do they check to c if ur wearin da right color socks & belts? xP

  8. Emily Says:

    My dumbest school rule is that we can’t wear pink,red, or maroon on Valentine’s day. Also, we can’t wear Green on St. Patricks day! ( WTF?~?~?~)

  9. Dunya Says:

    no purses? what kind of a silly rule is that??? i want a burberry purse for my birthday-day next month, 😛 and i’d DIE if i wasn’t allowed to bring it to school and show it off to my friends xP Hehe.
    i added you on my blogroll, btw

  10. shyshy6510 Says:

    Drkshadow17; lucky u guys i would so put white or lime green streaks in my hair itd b awesome!! and we do to. and wow they would so b dumb if they checkd ur socks and belts.

    Emily; omg that would suck! thats so dumb its like st. pattys day colors and the valentines day colors.

    Dunya; awesome!


  11. randomdudette101 Says:

    Well our school rules aren’t really that bad…. and you can listen to ur ipod and stuff in class….but idk about like any bad rules other than NO PDA… even if they’re like ur BFFFFFFS you cant hug them or anything……… so stupid.

  12. Madz Says:

    LOL DRK! I know it’s crazy, if there wasn’t a rule I’d probably have a blue or green or red stripe in my hair right now. 😆

  13. Chad Says:

    i can wear whatever i want to my school and pda 😀

  14. peaceluvcraziness Says:

    my bff goes to this snooty private school, and i “borrowed” her “Student Guide” lol

    here r some rules out of it

    * No touching anyone, high fives, thumb wars, pinky swears [lolz how gay]
    * Undergarments must be either white, navy, or black [seriously?! thats pretty much underwear bras and camis! what are they gonna do, check?! *shudders*]
    * Students cannot ride buses without a Student ID [ that is just so gay. seriously]
    * Books about girls liking boys, drugs, alleys, sexual content, or mean girls allowed [ SERIOUSLY?! No The Clique series??!!]
    * Days of the Week bras, camis, and underpants are strongly prohibited [ no joke ]
    * No gold jewelry.
    * Each student must say “thankyou” to 5 staff members every day. It is recorded [wtf?!]
    * Any student that says “I cant” will be sentenced to detention 3 days a week for 1 week. [ i cant, i cant, i cant! tehe.]
    * Sperrys, Oxfords, and plain white Keds high-rise sneakers are the only acceptable sneakers [ OK with me, i ❤ my sperrys!]
    *Socks must be white with navy stripes. [????????]

    before the school year starts, you go n buy uniform stuff.
    she has a purty cool mix n match type thing at her school, so they buy whatever they like. its pretty cute actually, like Horace Mantis High School on JONAS, disney channel.

    you can buy 4 girls
    * white 12-pack undergarments [no joke]
    * 2-pack package white bras
    * navy, white, and beige camisoles
    * white socks with navy stripes
    * sperrys ( tons to choose )
    * Keds sneaks
    * Navy, Red, Forest Green, and Khaki polos ( monogrammed with school's name instead of like the little moose)
    * navy, red, green plaid shrug thangie ( cooool )
    * navy, red, green crisp long-sleeve t shirts
    * khaki, red, green shrugs
    * silky khaki, red, navy, green, tracksuits
    * plaid headband
    * plaid hair elastics
    * plaid hair bows
    * plaid pants
    * plaid skirt
    * khaki pants, skirts
    * navy, red, green bookbags
    so i guess its sorta cool, sorta not haha =]
    plus they have clothes selling 24/7 in the school bff told me she spilled latte( theres a starbucks!!!) on her whole outfit, went to the school store and bought a silky navy tracksuit, and a forest green t shirt. that is so lucky.
    Emily : JEESE!! That’s harsh!

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