Shopping Day!!! (:



When my grandma got here at about 3:20 pm we left and came back around 8:00 pm.
It was my uncle who is 13,my grandma,and me!! (:
Here are all the places we went to and what happenend..!

Payless First; At Payless we got all of my shoes and one pair for my uncle.I got two pairs of converses styled shoes and one pair of black winter boots.The first pair you see are gray with yellow lining and they have zippers that reveal different colors (: . The second pair are black and have big purple peace signs on them.The last pair are just plain black boots I got for the winter time.All the “feetwear” are Airwalks.. cheap but cute!I love being able to wear whatever shoes for school!! At least they don’t take all of our freedom away! i can wear tons of different colors with the all the different colors in my shoes i got! (:

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Then JCPenny’s; At this wonderful place where I saw some amazingly awesome 38$ hot pink skinny jeans.. i want them.. to match my hot pink converses..!! Well here we got me four polos; red;white;black;and baby blue.My uncle got his pants here for school,because he is goin into 9th grade so he doesn’t have to wear uniforms!! like i do!!! ):

Fashion Bug; This store used to have juniors clothes and now it is like all old people fashionable clothes.They have tons of jewelry and they even had some peace sign earrings that matched my shoes, but unfortunately they were 8$ and i couldnt get them.Thats about all we got there, and omg i kno this is random, but i used the bathroom there and like their toilet paper is see through!! is that normal!?? is was like thinner than paper dude. (: im weird. i know.

Taco Bell; We had some fun at this crazy goofy awesomeness place.I got a volcano box which is a drink;volcano taco;volcano burrito;hard taco;and cinnamon twists.No i am not ttthhaattt fffaattt i didnt eat all of it.My uncle ate most of my cinnamon twists, my grandma took my hard taco,im saving my volcano taco,and i only hate half of my volcano burrito. i was stuffed!! my uncle kept burping really loud and i was laughing sooo much and people were staring!! (:

K-Mart; was really boring. all i got there were bras. yeah i said it aBRAS!!! it looks funny.. the way it says it like BRASS MONKEYS>>> THOSE FUNKY MONKEYS!! i luvverz that song.. its just so amazingly awesome. i started singin it and my grandma said wow shy that song is old. (:

I had a fantabulous day and to come home and talk to the most amazing person in the world IS FLIPPIN GREAT!! (:



ByER’Sz!! lOVE yOU GUyS!!

TThere will be a yo mama joke of the day for now on.

Yo Mama so fat she jumped and got stuck in the air!! -Lame i know but entertaining (: –


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8 Responses to “Shopping Day!!! (:”

  1. gardenax Says:

    Not much of a George Lopez fan, I enjoy his comedy though. But his old sitecom is loaded with way too much problems and drama. I’m not one of those types of people that hate things like those who cuss out Fred, Miley Cyrus, Jonas brothers, and all those famous people, but seriously, a man chewing on another guy’s ear? A bit messed up.

  2. starduust Says:

    OMG, i lovee lovee taco bell! their crunchy tacos or whatever it’s called, are so good XD
    oo those shoes are so cute, (: i know they kinda do look like ramen noodles, but the noodles are skinnier than udon noodles.

  3. Emily Says:

    I went shopping too! It was, how should I put it? THE BEST SHOPPING TRIP EVER!! We went to this store called primark where I got sprakly converse for £2 and a burberry scarf for £5. It was hacking awesome. How is your uncle 13? Sorry,had to ask!

  4. shyshy6510 Says:

    Gardenax; oookkkaayyyy but george lopezerz still freakin rocks!

    Starduust; yesh taco bell does freakin rockerz!!! and thanks for da comp. on my shoes and ohhhhh… ramen noodles r good.

    Emily; lolz kewl and i rlly dont kno ur currency so i dont understand how much u paid for it. and burberry rocks my nana sells them!! (: i got a free louis vuitton purse from her. and he is my grandmas 2nd husbands son thats why… (:

    -shyshy6510 out!

  5. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    oooo i saw those airwalks wen i went into payless last week 😛 i went shopping a few days ago nd got

    2 jeans- $40
    1 shirt- $12
    shoes- $45

    and i dnt think u care but shampoo & conditioner- $7 xP

  6. starduust Says:

    yeahh i lovee ramen and udon noodles(:
    ohh i forgot to answer your questions; oppsyy ;p
    longest shopping: 10 am to 5pm 🙂 oohh yeah
    best shoes: hmm; well i have two; my aunt bought me some shoes from china; designer shoes. oh yeahh(: but my feet are small; 5ish i think. they used to be a 3 half in 6th grade, but now im 8th grader, so 5ish.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    i dont really like shopping so not very lng

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