Stuff.. i personally want!! (:


School is starting back for like about everyone [school age kids 😀 DER’] and my mom goes to Akron U [Akron University] We always win the best mascot.. a kangaroo.. how the hell is a kangaroo of all animals awesome!!!? i want elephants to win… they are way freakin better!!! (:

Anyways my mom gets student loan money.And she promised me 150$ of it would be mine.. now she isn’t getting it which means I’m not getting 150$ worth of stuff… i cried 😥 .. this sucks!

Here are things I want… just to let you know!!! (:

-Hair highlighted maroon and bangs 😛
-Ears pierced for the 3rd time
-Boost mobile phone 😀
-MP3 player or iPod
-Sims 3 [for MAC]
-Peace sign jewelry (:
-Jean shorts and skirts
-Hot pink or black skinny jeans
-Converse hightops or Ecko hightops

My grandma claims I have enough shoes 🙄 what does she know!!!?

And the stuff on the list I wasn’t gonna get with the 150$ i was gonna get some of it, but not all of it.

School starts for me on the 26th [8 days] and I already have my outfit planned. I am wearing black leggings,black polo,khaki skirt,with my black airwalk converses type shoes that have purple peace signs on them, imma try to find some jewelry since people always lie and fail me.I should have a picture of my mom and put fail on it.

If you guys haven’t noticed… i’ve been putting yo mama jokes at the bottom of my posts, yea boredom.

Picture 6(: me personally thinks its cupcakes.. what do u think?

Picture 4well for the non-smarties 8) thriller was actually the first music vid ever made!! SOOO BOOSHA!!!

What do you currently want!??


Man… yo mama is so fat even Dora couldnt explore her.

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4 Responses to “Stuff.. i personally want!! (:”

  1. Dunya Says:

    hey.. it says the post was posted on the 27th of august…. but isn’t today the 19th?! lol

  2. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    imma wearin dark skinny jeans, a blue billabong shirt, & black converrse on ta 1st da of skool 😀

  3. shyshy6510 Says:

    Dunya; i dont kno how to change it.. it sucks ik.

    Drkshadow17; lucky youu!!! i have to wear my usual uniform. but its gonna be got so i might change it to a white polo and white leggings and my white baby phat shoes.


  4. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    ahh messed up comments. delete those two, i meant-

    ohh yahh i forgot….eww 😦 uniforms r icky

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