My Baby Sisser xP


My baby sister turned 6 months yesterday.And she is freakin adorable !!! 😛

She was born on February 19th [wouldnt it be great if it was the 15th <3] at 1:15pm.

That was a crazy day… sleeping all day in the waiting thing, because my mom’s dumb self drank tea 😯 and she wasn’t supposed to!!!! 😈

Okay well… when my sister takes pics she makes the weirdest faces so i have no ideas, arent really gonna have any until school starts on Wednesday the 26th sooo I think my lil sis can entertain with her cuteness and chubbiness… chubby babies are the cutest!! (:

I’m just gonna put what I think my baby sister would be saying… if she could talkerz!

Picture 5

I.Love.Youu!!!! (:

Picture 7

What the hell are youu lookin at!!! 😆

Picture 8

Really… you love me!??? OMGZERZ this is the best freakin day of my life!! 😀

Picture 9

Man this thing is cold!!Yet it looks sooooo deliciously awesome!!ZOMG!! Caprisuns rock!

Picture 10

Phsaw… *blows razzberries*

Picture 11

OOOO that cloud looks like a Kangaroo riding a frog (:

My little sister is sooo entertaining isn’t she.

Well thats all for now!! (:

Join the games —

Are you an only child!?? If not how many sisters and brothers do you have?

Yo mama is so fat we’re in her right now!!!


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10 Responses to “My Baby Sisser xP”

  1. sony24dah Says:

    She’s so cute!
    And yes I have one sister, she only 6.

  2. Dunya Says:

    awwww shes adorable ❤
    im an only child (: i love it too 😛 idk i just feel like i'd be jealous or something xD

  3. starduust Says:

    awww she the cutest thing everr(:
    i have a big family; 5 siblings.
    1 real sister(idk her age. were not really sister material.) 2 half sister; that leave far away from me, their like in their 30’s, have children and stuff. and 1 half brother(he just turn 24 or was it 25; somewhere around that.)

  4. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    so cute!

    and the widget thingy- comment on my site or DM me on twitter about it. choose any font on that u want on it && send me links to da pics u want

  5. shyshy6510 Says:

    Sony24dah; thanks and cool i got a 8 yr old sis.

    Dunya; thanks. only children r usually spoiled.. like i was… until my mom had shalia!! (:

    Starduust; thanks. wow big family. i wouldnt want older bros and siss cuz dey would act like dey bigger and btr and dey arent !! xP

    Drkshadow17; thanks. and okayy ill DM u about it. i asked luhy but he hasnt said anything about it sooooo your the best!! (:

  6. ★**Heyitsme**★ Says:

    Aww, she’s so cute!!
    I’m an only child. Sometimes it can get lonely, but most of the time it’s nice not to have brothers and sisters about. 🙂 I have a little cousin who’s like a brother to me, though. =)

  7. Nev Says:

    :O Cuteeee! Im an only child. 🙂

  8. starduust Says:

    hahah(: well; like none of them live with me except my sister. one of to collage and work, other have a family to raise.
    but my real sister is like 2 years younger than me, so she lives here, but we don’t act like sister. cause we don’t like each other xp. cause she only talks to me when she wants something, like money or icecream or whatever.

  9. Emily Says:

    Yeah, I’m an only child 😀 and I ❤ it!

  10. sony24dah Says:

    Why does the name next to your comment say August 27,2009? Or 28.. Its only the 22..

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