idkz. writers block.


i sooo have writers block

its when youu cant find anything to write about!!!!!

when school comes back in like this wednesday [[ the 26th ]] ill have better posts!!!!

trust me.

wellll stuff thats happening with me.

This weekend me and my mom are taking a ton of my old clothes and shoes to Platos Closet to get money, but we are gonna use Store Credit and get tons of jewelry and maybe some clothes.Then I am getting my sideswept bang  highlighted maroon and I might get my ears pierced again.. if I can beg my dad. haha i got em pierced at the top and bottom it didnt really hurt; i think im like my mom high pain tolerance. she got 13 tatoos and all her ears pierced and she pierced her own nose.(:

i have nothing to post about but i wanna post everyday even if it is dumb and pointless.. lolz (:

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8


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5 Responses to “idkz. writers block.”

  1. starduust Says:

    hahaah all those fail pics made me laugh && i was on a writers block during the begining of the summer, they do suck XP but yeah.

  2. Dunya Says:

    i’m going through a writers block as well, it’s sucks

  3. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    ur widget code-

  4. shyshy6510 Says:

    Starduust; haha peepee falls st. (:

    Dunya; yesh it like gets soo irratatin when youu have nothin to post bout.

    Drkshadow17; okayz

  5. Chloe Says:

    O kewl, I love piercings. I have like 1 piercing in one ear and two in the other, I was like desperate to get my ears pierced for teh second time and I could only afford to get 1 ear done…Imma get it teh other ear done though :mrgreen: Plus I kinda think it tickles …. xD

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