Support Meh (:


We have got a support widget from thee amazin Drkshadow17 at

yesh her blog is random and fruckin awesome and dont u jus luv her domain name! (:

crazy.flying.monkeyys. lolz like massive monkeys from ABDC

… damn i luv twitter.


drk made us an amazin support widget. youu guys might not think its much ;; but youu suck and its amazin soooo stop hatin. damn i should become a rapper (: fosheezy my neezy :/ yea i kno

Picture 9

the color scheme for ma blog is amazin bluue (: it mayy change at later times but right now its blue… so LIKE IT OR NOT .. its bluue. (:

i made a page that is a subpage for the about me page and its called Widget and it has the code soo if youu add it to youur site and leave me the link to your support widget ill add it. mayybe.


Yo mama is sooooooo fat she looked at the menu and said,”OK!”


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2 Responses to “Support Meh (:”

  1. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    fosheezy my neezy xP

    yay da widget linked right i thought i linked wrong but i didnt 😛

  2. Chloe Says:

    oo i love the widget, itsh verry awesome 🙂

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