__ Highlights __


Well i woke up at like 7 am because school is tomorrow and i had to get used to wakin up earllyy!!

it felt good not to sleep in until 12 though (: sleepin in wastes da whole dayy away anyways!

well my mom came here around 9 am and hadnt ate so she ate ofcourse!!

well first she blowdried my hair. theeennnn we took all the stuff upstairs and mixed it. she decided hairlighting would take toooo long so she just put it all in my hair. we let it sit for about an hour while we watched Real Chance of Love 2. afta that she washed it out and then left conditioner in for about 30 mins. my hair smells supa good now cuz of that!! (: thanks mommy!!! well then she straightened my hair and i had to put grease in it but its still fluffy and frizzy ;; but straight.

the color is maroon but you can only see it when im in the light. im like alwayys in the light so im okay with that!! (: next time my mom says she is gonna get ruby red which is really bright!! (:

hmmm and tomorrow is the first day of school but im pretty excited and happy!!!

ohh and i signed up for dis thing called http://moshimonsters.com and if ya wanna sign up leave your email and ill send youu a thing so ill get ROX. plz leave youur email if youu want one! (: its like clubpenguin but your monsters and you can buy clothes and catch pets and decorate your house and have a ton of friends wayy more than 100!! and you have a pinboard and you can talk to people on em!LEAVE YOUUR EMAIL IF YOUU WANT ONE!! PLEAZE! its fun too me but i guess im still a lil kid at heart

Picture 5

haha like lebron jammeeesss da king of bball!! im mad i aint go to da bike-a-thon dis year cuz dis year just jordan and nick cannon was there. last year i was in it! and OMGZERZ dose bikes mann my knees touched da handlebars cuz im jus sooo damnnn tall! i was super uber pissed! but i had fun! (:

tomorrow school starts and i cant wait!! like new people are comin from schools dat closed dowwn and soooo manyy new people and new teacherz its jus gonna b awesome!


Yo maammmmaaa is sooooo old mann she fart dust!!



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2 Responses to “__ Highlights __”

  1. starduust Says:

    ooo maroon cool color 8D <– i think thats how you do the cool smiley with the cool sunglasses, hehe XD
    recent hair changes; none but im cutting like four inches off of my hair, and getting extensions very soon.
    school; aug 3rd or 4th something i dont really know.


  2. doggyz111 Says:

    maroon is cool! 😛 but ruby red is wayyy more awesome lol anyways, im going back to school on Wednesday.

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