First day of school.


The first dayy of school suckeddd.

Well i got there and my homeroom was posted on a door  and i found out i had study hall first period. that means im prolly not gonna do my HW att home im gonna do it at study hall. i got my schedule and found out one of my most hated 6th grade teachas decided to torment me morr so she was gonna to 7th grade ADVANCED [[cuz im smart like dat!]] language arts. she piss me off. and then instead of gettin easy mattthh i got pre-algebra which is gonna suck. and then i got two study halls!!! my schedule jus sucks.

and dis dude dat likes me has me for two periods and for da first one he walked up to me ;; stared at me for the longest ;; and sat down next to me. i had him the next period to. and that period my ex is in who wants me back and he tried flirting with me soo hard and i laughed cuz i dont want him!! (:

i had my hair down so youu could see da highlights buttt instead of dat it got all frizzy so i had to put it in a bun. soo tomorrow im gonna get my hair wet and overload it with gel so it stays cute but curly!! woahh and i saw 4 people w/ my shoes ;; sorta pissed about that too.

otha then that it was okayy.

and i like someone else…! (: he is awesomenesssss and supa nice!

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Yo mama is sooooo fat when you get on top of her your ears pop.

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9 Responses to “First day of school.”

  1. ~MAYA! Says:

    Nice post 😉

  2. Chloe Says:

    Ahh i dnt wanna go back 2 skwl…teachers. ugh i hate them. Plus I never have any idea wut im doing @ skwl until I go back…suckish not being at high school. i dnt even got middle skwl. w00t.

  3. starduust Says:

    i haven’t had school yet XP my first day is sept. 3rd.

  4. gardenax Says:

    My first day of school was only two hours, and I saw your Twitter about what your dad said to your BF. LMAO Close to what I imagined a friend’s dad saying to me.

  5. Emily Says:

    Mah iz not wanting to go back to da skoolhouze of noaw rocking.
    Well, good luck with that guy! I’m sure he will like you at some point! For both of my terms last year, I had study hall last so I could do my homework then and go home and relax, which was cool!
    Good Luck this year!

  6. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    didnt go bak 2 skool yet- goin bak sept 9th 😉

  7. Annie Says:

    Ahhh the things I read at breakfast thing is so true!
    And um I’m having a drawing contest on my site, please enter if you can 🙂 Thankies!

  8. Beauty101 Says:

    I didnt start skul yet and i dont want to either!! I like the things i read at breakfast cause thats totally me… i just take the cereal box and begin reading it LOLzzzzzz

  9. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    i was in pre-algebra instead of normal super-easy math too & it was OK…but it was boooorrrrriiiinggggg

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