School :/


This school week [3 days] has been okay i guess.

This boy who added me on myspace in the middle of the summer goes to my school now and he is so short and adorable and i luv his hair! (: its all curly!! (:

Here is my schedule ->

  1. Study Hall.
  2. Advanced Language Arts.
  3. World History.
  4. Gym.
  5. Lunch.
  6. Advanced Math.Pre-Algebra.
  7. Study Hall.
  8. Band.
  9. Science.

Each period is 45 minutes long unless we have an assembly and school starts at 8:00am and ends at 3:00pm.

Wanna kno about my classes… ?

im gonna tell you anyways since i havent posted in like foreva.

-1st period study hall. its okay really i jus read and do my homework i didnt do the night before.

-2nd period advanced language arts. mad i got this class cuz its the same teacher i had last year. she decided she was gonna teach advanced this year and i hate it cuz she is always like, ” i wont have to do that though because the accelerated class can handle it,” or “because i wont have to worry about it with this class.” and im like damn we are no different than anyone else.

-3rd period world history. luv my teacher she is super cool and she was like sometimes i can be a ,”dun dun dun” and we was like whats that she was like it starts with a B and rhymes with witch; take a guess. we was laughin. this class is fun and my stalker sits next to me. (: lol

-4th period gym. my fave class besides 7th period study hall.two people i like are in this class and really we dont do anything but sit and talk.super fun class though!

-5th period lunch. recess is fun and lunch is lunch.nothing more.

-6th period pre-algebra.i got put in pre-algebra for 8th graders [im 7th] and if i pass this year next year ill be doing highschool work and get a credit for highschool.the chick that steals my pencils (: just to annoy me is in this class along with the biggest flirt in the whole world.

-7th period study hall. i sit next to one of my bestfriends and unlike homeroom study hall we are allowed to talk. this boy sits next to me and i annoy the hell outta him. it be funny though. (:

-8th period band. its sooo boring. and crowded and hot.

-9th period science.same teacha as world history. cool class. i guess. the boy who ive known since 3rd grade is in this class (:

School is okayy i guess.

haha and my ex boyfriend asked me out again. i told him to wait until next week and i said i like three guys but id only go out with like one of them and he said oh nevermind ill stay single and i said oh and to think id have a boyfriend. he thought i wouldnt go out with him. (:

oh and the contest starts tomorrow.i hope i picked a good black and white picture for you guys to edit.


Yo mama sooo ugly she make onions and blind men cry. xP

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14 Responses to “School :/”

  1. starduust Says:

    I have never gone out with somebody, cause all the boys at my schoool and stupid, nerdy or perverted !

  2. Chloe Says:

    I haven’t gone out wit anyone…but like most of the guys @ my skwl r total dorks =D

  3. Annie!! (not signed in) Says:

    I’ve never gone out with someone – mainly because I don’t see much of guys at a girls’ school – but in primary school 2 guys asked me to the formal 😛 But I rejected them….. xD

  4. starduust Says:

    I’ve updated a chapter on the story 🙂 Hope you enjoy, even though I didn’t get 10 comments, I just had to share it XD Please leave a comment, telling me feedback and that such. Thanks 😀


  5. starduust Says:

    When I scroll over it, it goes to your blog ? But doesn’t show any p*rn stuff. I re-do it though 🙂

  6. shyshy6510 Says:

    Starduust; haha same here but i got someone who is different =] thats why i likerz him! and yesh its stiill there unfortunately! ):

    Chloe; haha thats how it was in elementary

    Annie; id hate to go to an all girls school id prolly die!!! ): and wow we dont have formal or anything like that in the grades im in .

  7. Beauty101 Says:

    I haven’t gone out with any guy… sadly, all of them r jerks…

  8. Dunya Says:

    ive gone out with 4 boys but they were pretty pointless and fake… ive never really loved anybody. like real love. (i know i sound hopelessly cheesy! lol)

  9. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    go meet some guys at my skool. ur gonna feel bad for me xP

  10. Storm Says:


  11. Chad Says:


    U have nine classes in one day?!

    I only have six!

    Language Arts
    U.S. History

    And each period is 57 minutes long …
    My school starts at like 9:30 and ends at 4:05

  12. Chad Says:

    oh and ive gone out with 2 girls one in 5th and one in seventh – eighth cuz were still going out ahah

  13. shyshy6510 Says:

    Beauty101; ohhh thats too bad. youll find someone. (:

    Dunya; haha nahh you dont sound cheesy and yeahh love is something now found fastt.

    Drkshadow17; ROFL (:

    Chad; wow you guys start late and end superrr late. we end at 3:00 =] and each period is 45 minutes and 4 minutes between classes.and awwwwwwww (:

  14. gardenax Says:

    You just discovered Shane Dawson? I’ve known his channel for 3 months now. The first episode I saw was Unsubscribing Fred. His channel is fast growing more compared to than Fred, Nigahiga, or Smosh. He’s the fifth most subscribed on YouTube. When I first saw his channel it has 252,000 subs now it has 701,000. It’s so quick.

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