School! =] bahahahaa.



** im jus gonna go through my classes and tell youh whats happened! **

Study Hall ;; nothing has really happened in thiss class. jus basically we sit there and we do SSR [Sustain Silent Reading] and we jus sit there and read or we can jus do our homeworkk which is why i like havin it! =]

Advanced Language Arts ;;  this class is mad boringg! we do nothin and i got my deskk changed today and i sit near like no of my fwanss! =[ its sooo dumbb. and all we do is read a book and then do a worksheet.! it’s so boringg. study hall is funner!

Social Studies ;; this class is boring to! i sit near one of the funniest people in the world; she seriously laughs at everything; like meh!!! =] haha! we be havin fun in this class but it can be boring cuz the teacher i have for this class is the same teacher i have for sciencee.!

Gym ;; funnest class!! we play kickball but most of thee time we jus have free time and do whatever like jump rope and playy basketball! =] and haha this girl Tay * she always brings candy and like all thee boys take it from her ;; haha i just watch and laughh! it be funny! and this one boy asked me out.. i was like bestfwans with her… but asking someone out can ruin a great friendship!! and i got some childish people in that class thoughh. good class thoughh! =]

Lunch/Recess ;; lunch i mean you know we eat! =] haha good food! but sometimes it be makin my stomach hurtt!  and recess is dumbbbb! nothinq eva happenss!

Pre-Algebra ;; this class is DUMB! =[ man imma flunkk it cuz i have no clue. right now we are learning how to do frequency tables.. i did this last year for bout a month! DU DU DU DU DUMBB! =[ i only talkk to one person in thiss class and we always workk togetha on like everythinqq!

Study Hall ;; one of the funnest classes in thee worlddd! there are like soo many funny people in there! i sit with my main bestiee. there is this dude who is always chewin gum and when he tries to bloww a bubble he be spittin all over thee table and we be laughin!! we call him chompy. =] and there is this boy and he be makin fun of me but he is always blinkin his eyes really fast. we call him twitchy. there is this other boy and he is really big and always sayin something about me. when he wears blue. he is big sea or sky. yellow is thee sun. redd is thee sun. black is pavement or blackktop, and white is a cloudd. haha takeee that! and thats bout it.. and there is this really cute dude who has dimples and he is light skinned and super cute and he constantly raps gucci lyrics. =]

Band ;; well i was 1st clarinet last year… and now im 4th. i decided to jus give up until he makes me quit. we are playin the “Hey” song which im great at, the “Fight For East” song which im great at and this song called “September” which i suck at and now “Beauty and the Beast” song which i alsoo suckk at. he doesnt help me and im just tired of this classs. =[

Science ;; this class is great because we always do fun stuff. we did a diaper experiment/lab thingie and we found out Huggies hold the most water out of the three brandss of Parent’s Choice and Pampers. Pampers held the leastt… they suckk! and right now we are learnin about inference and observation =[ boringgg! fun class thoughh!


Nothinq really happens after school.. well I sorta got a boyfriend.. some stuff happened..but really it’s none of yourr business. =] sooo yeahh byeee!

* Means that some names have been changed… just because of their “safety”

5 Responses to “School! =] bahahahaa.”

  1. Starduust Says:

    ooo sounds like an intresting day, my school days are boring, 8th grade sucks, enjoyyy 7th grade while it last. 😀


  2. Chad Says:

    nate?? ooo lalala love love love ❤ lol xP

  3. shyshy6510 Says:

    Starduust; haha yeahh i guess so! =]

    Chad; he got suspended and saw me today after school… i guess im invisble and he cant even beh bothered to say hi to me. =[

  4. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    enjoy 7th grade- 8th is torture!!!!!!

  5. pengy211 Says:

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy… I’m guessing you don’t know me… but I’m Nochia’s sister. I’m here to say HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII…

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