Today is 9/11.If you have no clue what exactly is ‘ 9/11 ‘ you have been living in a cave for like what… the last 9 yearss?

Its when terrorists (Al Qaeda] crashed two planes into the Twin Towers in New York. The Twin Towers were the tallest buildings in America. They are now gone. Along with many peoples’ lives, who we all remember on this day. They also crashed a plane into the Pentagon which is a like a Head of Defense for America place in Washington D.C. and were planning to crash somewhere else, but passengers took over the plane and crashed them into a field in Pennsylvania.

Lives are gone. =[

Every year we have a ‘ moment of silence ‘ before our 1st period starts, and throughout the day we learn more and more about the crazy things that people do.

You ask why do they do this!?

Who knows… I mean I know I wouldn’t risk my life just to make some buildings collapse….


… I don’t think so.

Dumb People The Al Qaeda Must Have Been.

Imma shut up though, they might come and get me!!! **runs and hides**

Terrorists ;; A person who uses violence and intimidation towards/for political aims.

Question of thee post ;; Did anyone you know die during the 9/11 attacks?


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5 Responses to “9-11-09”

  1. Dunya Says:

    i don’t live in america, so i don’t know anyone who died in 9/11 but i feel sorry for all of them 😦

  2. Starduust Says:

    Yes, I knew the pilot of one of the planes, well it was my kindergarden teacher’s son, or nephew or some cousin, I think.

    R.I.P. who died in 9/11

  3. ♡☛E M I L Y☚♡⎣ Think Ahead ⎦ Says:

    My aunt, Uncle and two cousins died, they were both 9 they were twins. 😥

  4. Chad Says:

    My dad is a pilot of American Airlines. During 9-11, 2 American airlines planes crashed into the WTC. Also during the exact moment in 9/11, my dad was out, flying a plane, just like the ones that crashed.
    I was 5, I didnt know what was going on, but my mom was freaking out, she was crying and everything.
    We didnt hear from my dad for 1 week after the plane crash. My mom was worried sick, thinking he could possibly be dead.
    Turns out my dad wasn’t on one of those planes, fortunately. When 9/11 happened, all the planes had to land wherever they were. All contact was cut off for 3 days.
    So eventually my dad called my mom, and we knew everything was okay

  5. Zaeriuraschi 11098 (pronounced zay-ree-ooh-ras-chee) Says:

    I don’t know anyone who died on 9/11. But my uncle was right across the street from the Twin Towers when they collapsed. Luckily, he was okay.

    And oddly, I remember nothing about 9/11. I was three years old at the time, and I can remember a lot of things that happened back then. For example, I can remember my first year of preschool, my third birthday party, the day my sister was born, a dream I had, ect. 😕

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