Hello Planet of People!


I’m Emily, or Emilylondon, and I just won the contest! 😀 I’m so happy so thank you for voting for me! Here’s some info:
I’m 11 going into 8th grade.
I have brown hair, color changing eyes and I’m 5″4.
My favorite colors are light blue and green. My favorite singers are Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson. Umm.. doo Doo Dii Doo.. OH RIGHT! I don’t use colors that often because I mainly post from Press This. So, thats about it, also, even though I am in the U.K, both my aunt uncle and their two kids died in 9/11. 😦
So anyways, I love using photoshop and macs and I LOOVE WRITING!
That’s about it….
PEACE OUT!!!!1oneshift!!!!!11


3 Responses to “Hello Planet of People!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Ooo your a lot like me, well welcome 😀
    and did you skip a grade, cause I’m 13 and I’m going into 8th grade?

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