New Admin?


Hello all, I’m the new admin, my name is Sarah, or if you know me as Starduust.

Well, I don’t know what to really write, hmm, maybe some facts about myself?

I’m 13 and a 8th grader (:
I’m short for my age, I stand at 4’11, almost 5 feet.
I’m canadian, black and japanese.
Umm, idk, my favorite color(s) is blue and purple.
I like the colors I’m writing in.

Yup, so right now I’m watching Lizzie Mcgurie, that used to be my favorite show in third grade, okay, well anyway I tell you my day.

First period, some dude keeps whistling like a bird, and it actually sounds like a bird, and it so annoying, after 6 periods later(he just happens to be in my 6 period).

Well, that’s the only interesting thing that happen. Days in school, is boring right now. Oh, one more thing, my teacher started dancing across the room singing the melody of ‘money, money, money’ instead she put ‘study’. Ahh, crazy teacher O.o

Is any of your teachers crazy O.o ?

Much Love,


3 Responses to “New Admin?”

  1. Cca Says:

    Wow i’m younger than you and I’m 5′ 2″ lol or 5′ 3″ I don’t know but still i’m short 😦

  2. Dunya Says:

    yeah, a lot of them. xD and YAY for starduust!! she’s a great admin. 🙂

  3. Sarah Says:

    Aww thanks Dunya.
    And CCa, no your not short xP

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