What happens after dark.



Well yesterday was let’s see…. how would you put this?


Okay well my mom  has a car, and the tags are expired. That means she isn’t supposed to be driving, plus she ain’t got no license.

So we pull around the corner of K-Mart and the cops are right behind us.

So they tell us my mom has 6 warrants and that her boyfriend has 2.

They were both…… going to jail …. and my little sister was going to foster care.

I was getting a ride home.


Gods loves my mommy and there wasn’t anymore room in the girls jail, but there was in the boys.

So we left in my Uncle’s hippie van, knowing that her boyfriend was in jail with 2,000$ bond.


Question of thee post;; Are your parents badd? (Mine are]


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9 Responses to “What happens after dark.”

  1. Puppyscruffy Says:

    OMG!!!!!!! *ish so shocked i cant even type anything*

  2. Chad Says:


  3. Cca Says:

    *Same thing as Puppyscruffy*

  4. נσѕιє Says:

    OMG. That’s lucky, but unlucky at the same time. Lucky that your mom didn’t get put in jail, but unlucky because her boyfriend did. Whoah…

  5. ♥Chloë♥ Says:

    Oh my god WOW. Thats…shocking. At least your moms still there for you 🙂

  6. Dunya Says:


  7. drkshadow17/drk Says:


  8. zazu13 Says:

    id be dead scared and my parents are really that bad lol

  9. marianlilac Says:

    OHMYGOSH!!!!!!! Im so sorrrry! Is your lil sis still in foster care??!!! I would have cried =[ no my parents rnt bad, but this post made me greatful that mine arent. seriously i so sorry!

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