Talk about PAINFUL!


Hey guys!!!

Emily here! And I think I broke my butt. And my finger.

Long story:

Today I had hung out with like 5 people and we went to the movies. We decided to see Julie & Julia. It was actually really good.

I’ll do a post about it later, maybe…

But anyways, when we were dropping off my friend Abbie we decided to go on her trampoline.

We were playing football ’cause her trampoline is biiiiiiiiiiiigg and I jumped up to intercept and my other friend hit me outta the way and I fell on the metal

part of the safety thingy-ma-booberr and really hurt my butt and my middle finger got caught in between two bars.

So that was fun and now I’m on iChat with my friends! Feel free to add me I’m Londonhockey!

OOOOHHH YEAH! My post is all orange because I’m posting from my DSi because facebook is making my browser on my computer slow!

Peace out!!



3 Responses to “Talk about PAINFUL!”

  1. Chad Says:


    i got css goooooooooooooooooooooooooo comment and check it out!

  2. Raz0rEdge...ǝƃpǝɹ0zɐɹ Says:

    I can’t change colors when I post on my DSi XD

  3. sony24dah Says:

    Yea FB is making my computer veryy weirdd!

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