I don’t post a lot, and me reading this amazing book called Stargirl I think I should, I guess post about it.

The book is called Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. There is a second book called Love by Jerry Spinelle which I guess would be the prequel or sequel or somethinq in that matter. =]

Stargirl is this girl who was home-schooled and she starts going to Mica High for a year. She comes to school dressed in the weirdest clothes and plays her ukelele [if I spelled it riqht] at lunch time.She plays the “Happy Birthday” song for people who’s birthday it is, and if someone is sick she sends “Get Well” cards, she does this whether she knows you or not. She cheers for both teams at football games, and soon she even gets a crush and a boyfriend whose name is Leo Borlock. People start to not talk to her and sorta ‘banish’ her from school, and act as if she isn’t there.Her and Leo ‘sorta’ seperate and she moves, and begins homeschooling again. She learns being normal, is a thing she should do.

[To find out more] Get the book from like your school or local library, great book!

Stargirl moves away [she was in Arizona, she moves to Pennysylvian]  and in the book Love it is basically her big long letter to Leo if she ever sees him again. She makes a best friend who is 6 [I think] and her name is Dootsie, and finds a peculiar friend named Perry, who she has sorta developed a crush on. The only way her big long letter [which is actually basically a diary] can get to Leo is if she sees him, will she?

I haven’t finished that one yet, got it two days ago, and I’m on page 134. =] you should check them out, they are pretty good books.

Dare to be different.



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5 Responses to “Stargirl”

  1. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    i read stargirl in 5th grade…woah that was 3 yrs ago o_O

  2. Sarah Says:

    ooo it has star in it, i wanna read it 😀

  3. elycrusadersu10 Says:

    Hye its Elly (Ruby ele1997/ funcoolcp) and right now i am reading the book its good, very!!!! x x x

  4. Puppyscruffy Says:

    i loved stargirl. i also read Love, Stargirl (second book)

  5. shyshy6510 Says:

    Drk; haha i tend to forget what books i read a long time ago are about! likee spiderwick chronicless and where the wild things are!

    Sarah; haha i bet!

    Elly; hehe kewliozz!!

    Puppyscruffy; kk! im almossttttt donee with it! 😛

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