My 10/04/09


Hey guys,

Well, I just want to post about my week!

So, I won my student council elections for Class President and I have 3 tests! FUN. 😐 So, lemme talk to you about my social life.

1st Break Schedule :

• Talk to my guy friends and help them with their girl issues.

• Completely and entirely ignore this annoying girl.

• Help people with their homework.

• Flit with this guy I like ( A.K.A my best friend.)


* Chill

* Hang with my guy friends

* Hang out some more.

* Sit on the Rocks.

* Do homework I haven’t done.

What do you do at your breaks?

3 Responses to “My 10/04/09”

  1. ♥Chloë♥ Says:

    I normally just hang out with my friends and do random stuff at breaks x) Yours sound so much awesomer than mine xD

  2. name meanings Says:

    wat is ur myspace name

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