Boredomm haunts me! :P


I’m superbly majorly bored right now!

— My week hasn’t been the best, you could say 😦 –

Tuesday – Picture Day. Those two words just set my day up for disappointment. Well we were allowed to wear our school pants (uniform] and then any type of shirt. Well, a dressy shirt. Instead I wore skinnies (black] and a purple shirt that said LOVE in different colors and my hightop Airwalks that are black and purple. Got put in ISI/ISS for wearing a t-shirt. ISI means In-School Intervention and ISS means In-School suspension. Same thing, but I say ISI, it sounds better. 😛 Well um I leave there and I see like what 10 kids in t-shirt. Pissed the hell off! Read the books Shattered and Someone to love me in there. They are from the Bluford series, great books, about real life issues. Paul Langan is one of the authors and editors and Anna Schraff is the other author.

Wednesday – Today. Boring! Really the only thing that happened was that I’m like officially single. And in third period study hall I wrote a note to him, took me the whole 45 minutes. Went into fourth period and Cam and Justice gone take the note and just rip it up. 😦 They suck! I know. And then on top of that I got into seventh period and re-wrote the note again! And after school he walked up to me and said, “So like what, we are back best friends?” I walked home crying and ripping up the note, that actually said, ” i love you 7809″ which is the day me and him officially really started liking each other, back in summer vacation. 😦 Sad. And then my dad is going down to Florida tomorrow at 7pm EST and my grandma and mom are trying to say I can’t go. He is really only going down there to see his mom and his sister have a double wedding on the tenth, but um even if I do go down there, I got like what, one day to get ready for a wedding? So ill-prepared! 😦 This sucks!

Enough about my boring life, whats up with you guys?

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3 Responses to “Boredomm haunts me! :P”

  1. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    aww im sorry 😦

    rofl ISS for wearing a tshirt???? wowwwww.

    my life is so boring…weekdays is like a lil computer, (sometimes) tv, and like alllllllllll homework =/

  2. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    response to ta comment you left on my site-

    the shoes are called supra but there like 75$ and thats on sale too =/

    but i think it might be worth it…if i could find out where to get em 😀

  3. Slide Says:

    My life is like…. 5x more boring than yours…. Having to come home and do homework until 9:30, anoying bus ride, it sucks.

    lol iss for wearing a tshirt….. I hate school.

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