My grandma has to be one of the most annoying people ever when it comes to books and what I’m allowed to read and what I’m not. She suckss.

Okay well she wasn’t going to let me read Burned by Ellen Hopkins, she did, I loved it.

I asked her if I could read Crank or Tricks, I read the summaries online and didn’t even bother. I said, “Can I read Crank?” her response was, “Hey isn’t Crank supposed to be  a drug or somethin’ ? If it is then that’s a definite no.” Okay and then I asked her about one of her books that involves three kids and a mental hospital. “I said well can I read ____” and she said “Hmmm mental hospital. Why the hell they get in there?” It said why, but if I told her it was gonna be a straight up no. So I was just like man screw it and just stopped.

Oh and then the amazing Drk recommended House of Night. So I said, “Well can I read House of Night?” and she said “Oh that doesn’t even sound like an appropriate book for you.” and I was all like, ” Man just don’t talk to me!” and I got all mad and went upstairs.

I would get my own library card but my dumb mom owes like what, 200$ on it? So I can’t. I’m utterly pissed.

Yeah call me a nerd, I am one.

Nerds rock.


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5 Responses to “Books”

  1. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    “it doesnt even sound appriopriate”? wow that sucks! 😦

    woah. $200 in fines. damn thats a lot!

  2. Sesinos Says:

    wow ur gma is strict. im gonna be reading burned and all those other books by her that are like that like tricks and identified soon probably tonight

  3. Sarah Says:

    aww :[ the book crank is a little inapporiate but i still read it, crank is a drug xP there’s a bit of love scenes, lol that sounds so weird, if you type that XP

    i wish i could send you the book crank from where i live to where you live but its my friends book xP

    well goodluck in trying to get a book :]

  4. shyshy6510 Says:

    Drk; yeah i know its a lot, thats my mom for ya though! 😦

    Sesinos; lucky you.

    Sarah; lolz it does sound weird, and i read the summary 😦 im so pissed about it!

  5. Moon Child Says:

    ouch… but HI… youve been on this site and i know you have coz ur comment 16. i work for cherry and i annoy everyone… BYE

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