Halloween And Stuff.


I so need to change the theme of my site, it’s so boring here.

If you still, for some odd reason, visit my site, I must be doin’ somethin’ right.

There is a new question of the week [7] and you should like uhm answer it!

I might go as a fairy or a vampire for Halloween, I don’t know yet.

I’m bored.

Nothin’ to really post about, but imma try to post more often, I guesssss.

This is pointless. I understand if you don’t comment.

And after Halloween, I’m goin’ to re-do the site completely, it’s so boring hereeee!


6 Responses to “Halloween And Stuff.”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hehe, I’m being a fairy xD

  2. Umph Says:

    Hey, I think the date on ur blog is wrong. it says october 27th, when that hasn’t even happened yet xD

  3. Donuts Says:

    does anyone like when theres a bowl of candy that says ‘take one only’? Lol i usually take the whole bowl =)

  4. Greenoiscool Says:

    I cant go trick or treating or to an amazing cosmic bowling party from 9 till 2 becuase of my aunts stupid wedding…

  5. <--(My icon speaks the truth) Cca (My icon speaks the truth)--> Says:

    I’m a cat 😦 That’s all I could afford now I have to buy my own costumes and the ones I wanted my said no to 😐 Well at least I get to go to with my friends stealing candy!

  6. empleongirl Says:

    shyshy i can geton wp secretly on the wii @ my dadsnow!!! its hard2 type! im not gunna updatr my site just incase u no who looks on. thereis so much thats happened. Go to my site ans read the post “random dude” to get some info. starsunmoon2 posted it. her new account is Ilovesoccer or something. plz comment there so i at least no u havent forgot about me! how long has it been? almost a year?

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