Questionn 7 (Halloween Related]


Halloween is coming up, what do you plan on being?

Comment belowwww.



19 Responses to “Questionn 7 (Halloween Related]”

  1. ♥Bbfreeze♥ Says:

    I’m gonna be a bumble bee :mrgreen:

  2. Sarah Says:

    Wait, I’m not being a fairy anymore, I’m being a referee :]

  3. Mark Says:

    My Son Loved it for Halloween

    We ordered this for my son as his Halloween costume since he had been talking about going as an astronaut since we went to the Air and Space Museum in DC this past summer. It came a day or 2 before the scheduled delivery date, and it also arrived in perfect condition. He loved it , so we loved it.

  4. Greenoiscool Says:

    MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! lol Its always nice to come back and check on this old site! Our hits are about tied if you combo’ed all three of my old site with my new one! Sniffle… I miss my old site…. **** HACKERS! lol BTW I have tottally figured out mac now so if you have any qs drop me a line… I also can make programs for it! lol… I am no geek though due to some COUGH low grades COUGH on math… lol


  5. Chad Says:

    A pirate with my friend.. ARGG haha

  6. marianlilac Says:

    omg omg omg so okay last year my bffs parents were gone and they left this HUGE bowl of like all this good candy like regular candy bars ( they are known as the “GOOD” house on halloween lol and like a cooler of sodas) with a note on it that said “Take 2 Only Please” And they have a rocking chair on their porch. Well, she dressed up like a dead person ( looked like the grudge)n we had a big mannequin ( part of decorations )and we dressed the mannequin up like my friend u know like the grudge lol n we set up a camera like right behind her n i and my friend kaitln hid ( they had tons of decorations) so we like hid behind them, and she sat in the rocking chair n waited. Some punk teenager( he came alone, his friends were scared cuz it is like soooo elaborate. there are mannequins with chainsaws n masks stuff hehe) and he like grabbed 2 handfuls, the second he did that my friend jumped up and screamed at him she was like “IT SAYS TAKE 2 ONLY!!!BWAAAAAAA!!” And he was like 18 he TOOK OFF running and screaming lol n the porch lights were on so we got it filmed =] he got his friends to come with him, my friend ( the one who scared him) put the mannequin in the chair with the candy, and hid with us behind the stuff. the guys came up and like grabbed a bunch and they were all like ” ur retarded” to the dude and my friend snuck up behind them n tapped them and was like ” hey” and they were like yeah whatever but then they actually turned around and looked and she like chased them down the block AHAHAAAAA it was hilarious, we may do that again cuz it was so much freaking fun. we put it on youtube aha lol or we may trick or treat. what should we do?

  7. marianlilac Says:

    oh im being a hot dog… friends r crazy….dont ask.

  8. נσя∂αи Says:

    A hippie. 🙂

  9. Moon Child Says:

    … gothic lolita??? … i was at Whitby Goth Weekend so it was kinda relevent to go as a victorian ghost child

  10. CHIVAS9000 Says:

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  11. ~Cherry!~ Says:

    Hey ShyShy! It’s been a while hasnt it? I bet u dont even remeber me! 😆
    Just passing by to see if ur still alive!
    ~Cherry!~ 😉

  12. ☼♥Ò®ea♥☼ THE MIDNIGHT WOLF! my name! Says:

    i was a bat girl >=D but i wanted to be a sandwhich or a hot dog XD

  13. the real but banned empleongirl Says:

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    ~emp~ your long-lost wordpress buddy.

  14. the real but banned empleongirl Says:

    oh btw, star hasn’t been doing the stuff ive been asking her 2 do (Its really importaint stuff) so thats why i was wondering if you could post it 4 me. sorry i had to ask. 😦 i wish i could stay up all nite 2 r tell u everything, but i cant. 😦 I’ll give you a hint of something funny me and star will do if we get youtube account. The series will be called “Random Dude” We, well I, already have the 1st episode done on windows movie maker. ITS HILARIOUS! IT HAS GANONDORF FROM ZELDA ON IT! i cant wait for everyone 2 see! FYI, our youtube account will be called “S&A” if we ever share one. I better REALLY go now… so long! 😦 😥

    ~emp~ your long-lost wordpress buddy.

  15. empleongirl Says:

    shyshy, its really me! plz comment back! i got my own email! ill tellu if or wheneveri can!

  16. Dippy Says:



  17. drkshadow17/drk Says:

    i was gabe saporta (singer from cobra starship) for halloween =p

  18. elle AKA stop103 (cp) Says:

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  19. ~Cherry!~ Says:

    So this sites dead yes?

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