Thanksgiving, Jonas and Hockey


Hey guys,

It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted so I guess I owe everyone a big one, it’s almost thanksgiving and I have to go to Cornwall ( a.k.a the coldest surfing beach in the world) I dunno where I’m going to have thanksgiving dinner, seeing as we already bought a massive turkey that’s taking up more space in our freezer than 7 of our regular ones… but it’ll be cool because my mom says I can help cook dinner and go surfing : D Oh yeah and before I forget, I saw the JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was at a concert with my best friends and when Nick started playing a little bit longer, I started crying and then right when he finished his speech and was waiting for Joe and Kevin to come on so I took the chance ( everyone was quiet) and I screamed, ” I LOVE YOU NICK JONAS WILL YOU MARRY ME?”  and he said , ” I love you with all my heart!” 😀 😀 😀 Anyways, I was screaming the lyrics to everything! And this cute little girl called Chloe came up!!!
Oh yeah, and when I was playing hockey yesterday we lost, 5-8 but I scored one! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

That’s about it,

Peace out girl scout,



5 Responses to “Thanksgiving, Jonas and Hockey”

  1. luvurlab6168 Says:

    Hey I saw the Jonas Brothers!! I ❤ Joe…you?

  2. luvurlab6168 Says:

    Oh never mind you like Nick :/

  3. Globalsavior Says:

    What ever happened to Shyshy6510?

  4. Chad Says:

    This site is dead.

  5. Chad Says:


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