My Drawings.

Here you can find my drawings I have either drew in real life or made on the computer that I thought were totally wicked cool!!! (:

Bugs Bunny. 8-18-09

Picture 6

Tweety Bird.8-19-09

Picture 3

Daffy Duck.8-21-09

Picture 3

I stretched my name out on all of them. (:



6 Responses to “My Drawings.”

  1. Chloe Says:

    Omg your drawingz are totally amazing! =O I lovee teh tweety bird one teh best personally :mrgreen:

  2. sony24dah Says:

    OMG your an awesome drawer! Tweety looks like she’s hiding something..

  3. Lissanoel Says:

    those are amazing! Tweety ish so cute! 😀

  4. shyshy6510 Says:

    Chloe; lolz thankerz youu!! (:

    Sony24dah; heyy wats ur site?? and thanks and tweety bird is a boyy!!!! (:

    Lissanoel; thanks! (:

  5. Annie!! (not signed in) Says:

    you’re really good! i like tweety best (:

  6. jorjeea Says:

    omg u draw so amazingly!

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