The ABC Game is a game I play everytime I’m with my best friend.

You have to pick a subject first and then the first person’s comment starts with an A

then a B

then a C


When we hit Z the next person gets to pick a subject and start off.


10 Responses to “ABC”

  1. shyshy6510 Says:

    Category is… Colors!!!

    Apricot [its like a peach color]

  2. sony24dah Says:


  3. starduust Says:


  4. Nev Says:

    dark blue

  5. shyshy6510 Says:

    emerald. (:

  6. Annie Says:

    fushcia 🙂 a bright pink.

  7. Allison :] Says:


  8. shyshy6510 Says:

    Hazel! (: LOLZ only one I could think of! =]

  9. Anonymous Says:


  10. jorjeea Says:

    jade(its a real colour!)

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