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School Terms

October 27,2009

At my school we have some weird stuff we be sayin likeee. . . .

  • DBD which means Don’t Be Dumb. “DBD Honey DBD.”
  • Dont Be Loopid it means like beyond stupid “Don’t be loopid lil girl, don’t be loopid.”
  • BOP it means blown out. . .  you can figure out the rest? Its basically our version of a slut/whore/trick. “Shut up man you be boppin witcha’ ugly self!” 😛
  • Goin Ham it means like we bout to kick it and go crazy. “It’s my birthdayy this weekend and we bout to go super duper ham!”
  • You better say it! we say like when someone says “OMG you go withh him!?” “YOU BETTER SAY IT!”

Haha my school can be a little out there at times. You wanna know whats up with me, hmmmm.

In social studies we are learning about Alexander the Great and Ancient Greek times. In language arts we are writing a four page story about whatever we want. My story is about this girl named Cassie Smith who meets Blake and they start dating, he abuses her, and she ends up dumping him. The result of that is him sayin’, “If I can’t have you, no one can,” later on in the week he ends up killing her. 😦 Sad, iknowwwww. Study Hall…. we are doing nothing? Gym nothing. Pre-algebra we had our Chapter 1 test today. It was about sliding bar graphs, stacked bar graphs, multiple line graphs, mean, median, mode, range, outliers, bow and whisker plots, line plots, frequency tablers, and uhm closed and open optioned bias and unbiased questions. Easy test. In art we are doing this project where we have to make like this little kid face and color it in with oil pastels, I’ll post pics when I finish. Band we are practicing songs everyday, like always, and in Science we have had a sub for like 2 weeks! And yesterday we had a sub for a sub, ohh wow. Thats it with my school schedule lifee.

Do you guys have any weird words really only your school uses? Whats up with you?


Boredomm haunts me! :P

October 27,2009

I’m superbly majorly bored right now!

— My week hasn’t been the best, you could say 😦 –

Tuesday – Picture Day. Those two words just set my day up for disappointment. Well we were allowed to wear our school pants (uniform] and then any type of shirt. Well, a dressy shirt. Instead I wore skinnies (black] and a purple shirt that said LOVE in different colors and my hightop Airwalks that are black and purple. Got put in ISI/ISS for wearing a t-shirt. ISI means In-School Intervention and ISS means In-School suspension. Same thing, but I say ISI, it sounds better. 😛 Well um I leave there and I see like what 10 kids in t-shirt. Pissed the hell off! Read the books Shattered and Someone to love me in there. They are from the Bluford series, great books, about real life issues. Paul Langan is one of the authors and editors and Anna Schraff is the other author.

Wednesday – Today. Boring! Really the only thing that happened was that I’m like officially single. And in third period study hall I wrote a note to him, took me the whole 45 minutes. Went into fourth period and Cam and Justice gone take the note and just rip it up. 😦 They suck! I know. And then on top of that I got into seventh period and re-wrote the note again! And after school he walked up to me and said, “So like what, we are back best friends?” I walked home crying and ripping up the note, that actually said, ” i love you 7809″ which is the day me and him officially really started liking each other, back in summer vacation. 😦 Sad. And then my dad is going down to Florida tomorrow at 7pm EST and my grandma and mom are trying to say I can’t go. He is really only going down there to see his mom and his sister have a double wedding on the tenth, but um even if I do go down there, I got like what, one day to get ready for a wedding? So ill-prepared! 😦 This sucks!

Enough about my boring life, whats up with you guys?


October 27,2009

Well hey my peoplee, sorry I don’t post much, usually only when I’m really boreddd, or likee I just feel like posting. (:

Uhm, I’m reading two [bout to be three] books right now. I’m reading Everlost by Neil Shusterman and Love by Jerry Spinelli. Why do people have such hard last namess!? And I’m gonna start reading Burned by Ellen Hopkins, becauseee Starduust recommended it! (:

Today was uhm, let’s see a normal day in the life of this girl right here.

Homeroom/1st period we had a substitute. OMG he yelledd so much!, but he was nice to me, becausee I finishedd my work, unlike other childish people.There is this boy and he just, like he’ll say “Your ugly,” and then say,”Nah I’m just playing!” “And I’m like one day your gonna say that to the wrong person and they gone beat the sh*t outta you”, He walked awayy! 😛

Second period is Language Arts, well accelerated. Soo boring! We are reading this book called The Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt. It’s about four kid’s mom that leaves them in the parking lot of a mall with like a little bit of money and a little bit of food. They are making their way to their Aunt Cilla’s house right now in the book, they think she left there. I personally think she is delusional, who leaves their four kids, helpless in the middle of a parking lot!? Her.

Third period is Study hall, nothing happened.

Fourth period is one of my favorite periodss! It’s GYMM!!! At the beginning we just do some jumping-jacks and bend and reaches and walk for 5 minutes, then we play basketball,kickball,football,or combat basketball for the rest of the periodd. This one dude named Chris is in there, amazingly cute, but has the most bustedd shoes ever! haha!

Fifth period was lunch/recess. Had Southwest pizza for lunch, and uhm recess my friend came back from suspention today, haha stroked for the 10 days [2 weeks] for beating the hell out of this girl. 😛

Sixth period was pre-algebra. Hate it. I have a 60% D right now in her class. But we have homework today, and it is on doing stem-and-leaf plots. Eassyyy.

Seventh period is Art!! With the man who plays the guiat to cows and believes in aliens. Yes, I know, my art teacher is strangeee. 😛 We did a one day project today, quitee hard to explain. My designs were a Giant S, a Giant C, and a Giant T, squiggles, and a heart, for my lovee.

Eighth period is Bandd! Band geek, sortaa! The songs we are playing are, A whole new world, September,Fight Song, Go Team Go!, Hey Song, and my favorite, Land of a Thousand Dancess! We are going to this thing on October 23rd and we will be there from 3:30pm – 9:30pm , but I’m happy because my boyfriendd is in band and I’ll be able to sit next to him on thee bus! ❤

Ninth period is like uhm Science and our actual teacher got aggravated by a student and got all his stuff and said, “I’m not coming back!” and left the room. We have had the same substitute for two weekss. So boring!

I got a boyfriend though, lets see 9/29/09 which was Wednesday, I thinkk. Like him a ton and have known him since the end of 5th grade, its now near the middle of 7th. ❤  S + D (:

That was basically my day. Thanks for listening. (:

School :/

August 27,2009

This school week [3 days] has been okay i guess.

This boy who added me on myspace in the middle of the summer goes to my school now and he is so short and adorable and i luv his hair! (: its all curly!! (:

Here is my schedule ->

  1. Study Hall.
  2. Advanced Language Arts.
  3. World History.
  4. Gym.
  5. Lunch.
  6. Advanced Math.Pre-Algebra.
  7. Study Hall.
  8. Band.
  9. Science.

Each period is 45 minutes long unless we have an assembly and school starts at 8:00am and ends at 3:00pm.

Wanna kno about my classes… ?

im gonna tell you anyways since i havent posted in like foreva.

-1st period study hall. its okay really i jus read and do my homework i didnt do the night before.

-2nd period advanced language arts. mad i got this class cuz its the same teacher i had last year. she decided she was gonna teach advanced this year and i hate it cuz she is always like, ” i wont have to do that though because the accelerated class can handle it,” or “because i wont have to worry about it with this class.” and im like damn we are no different than anyone else.

-3rd period world history. luv my teacher she is super cool and she was like sometimes i can be a ,”dun dun dun” and we was like whats that she was like it starts with a B and rhymes with witch; take a guess. we was laughin. this class is fun and my stalker sits next to me. (: lol

-4th period gym. my fave class besides 7th period study hall.two people i like are in this class and really we dont do anything but sit and talk.super fun class though!

-5th period lunch. recess is fun and lunch is lunch.nothing more.

-6th period pre-algebra.i got put in pre-algebra for 8th graders [im 7th] and if i pass this year next year ill be doing highschool work and get a credit for highschool.the chick that steals my pencils (: just to annoy me is in this class along with the biggest flirt in the whole world.

-7th period study hall. i sit next to one of my bestfriends and unlike homeroom study hall we are allowed to talk. this boy sits next to me and i annoy the hell outta him. it be funny though. (:

-8th period band. its sooo boring. and crowded and hot.

-9th period science.same teacha as world history. cool class. i guess. the boy who ive known since 3rd grade is in this class (:

School is okayy i guess.

haha and my ex boyfriend asked me out again. i told him to wait until next week and i said i like three guys but id only go out with like one of them and he said oh nevermind ill stay single and i said oh and to think id have a boyfriend. he thought i wouldnt go out with him. (:

oh and the contest starts tomorrow.i hope i picked a good black and white picture for you guys to edit.


Yo mama sooo ugly she make onions and blind men cry. xP

First day of school.

August 27,2009

The first dayy of school suckeddd.

Well i got there and my homeroom was posted on a door  and i found out i had study hall first period. that means im prolly not gonna do my HW att home im gonna do it at study hall. i got my schedule and found out one of my most hated 6th grade teachas decided to torment me morr so she was gonna to 7th grade ADVANCED [[cuz im smart like dat!]] language arts. she piss me off. and then instead of gettin easy mattthh i got pre-algebra which is gonna suck. and then i got two study halls!!! my schedule jus sucks.

and dis dude dat likes me has me for two periods and for da first one he walked up to me ;; stared at me for the longest ;; and sat down next to me. i had him the next period to. and that period my ex is in who wants me back and he tried flirting with me soo hard and i laughed cuz i dont want him!! (:

i had my hair down so youu could see da highlights buttt instead of dat it got all frizzy so i had to put it in a bun. soo tomorrow im gonna get my hair wet and overload it with gel so it stays cute but curly!! woahh and i saw 4 people w/ my shoes ;; sorta pissed about that too.

otha then that it was okayy.

and i like someone else…! (: he is awesomenesssss and supa nice!

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Yo mama is sooooo fat when you get on top of her your ears pop.