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Okay if you go to a lot of sites… what do most of them have!!

They all have LOL CATS!! They are pretty cool and make people laugh!!

Picture 1

I like that one 😀 it’s cool and cute and awesome and just total sweetness!! There was probably like a big Pitbull or Rottwheiler or something big!! Me scared 😯

Picture 2

I was laughing like crazy when I saw this one!! In our language arts class we learned about ssscccuuurrrvvvyyyy 😡 Scurvy is a disease sailors used to get from not eating enough fruits 😀

Picture 3I can be your girlfriend?? Yepperz… do you accept!! HELLERZ YEAH I ACCEPT!! 😀 Thanked you

That’s all for today. I’m pretty bored right now and I’m supposed to be getting a white sidekick {{probably one of those LX ones}} well anyways I’m supposed to get one of those with 500 minutes a month {{I don’t talk much}} and unlimited text. I am going to Florida sometime this month for a week and a half so I’ll be updating my Twitter {{from texts}} and if I can updating the site.Oh and wow I saw the movie “Knowing” and it’s about this little girl named Lucinda Embry and she put a whole bunch of numbers in a time capsule and then 50 years later they dig it up and the main guy figures out all this freaky stuff about the numbers… I cried it’s a really good movie.. trust me 😥

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