Questionn 7 (Halloween Related]

October 27,2009 by

Halloween is coming up, what do you plan on being?

Comment belowwww.



Thanksgiving, Jonas and Hockey

November 27,2009 by

Hey guys,

It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted so I guess I owe everyone a big one, it’s almost thanksgiving and I have to go to Cornwall ( a.k.a the coldest surfing beach in the world) I dunno where I’m going to have thanksgiving dinner, seeing as we already bought a massive turkey that’s taking up more space in our freezer than 7 of our regular ones… but it’ll be cool because my mom says I can help cook dinner and go surfing : D Oh yeah and before I forget, I saw the JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was at a concert with my best friends and when Nick started playing a little bit longer, I started crying and then right when he finished his speech and was waiting for Joe and Kevin to come on so I took the chance ( everyone was quiet) and I screamed, ” I LOVE YOU NICK JONAS WILL YOU MARRY ME?”  and he said , ” I love you with all my heart!” 😀 😀 😀 Anyways, I was screaming the lyrics to everything! And this cute little girl called Chloe came up!!!
Oh yeah, and when I was playing hockey yesterday we lost, 5-8 but I scored one! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

That’s about it,

Peace out girl scout,


Halloween And Stuff.

October 27,2009 by

I so need to change the theme of my site, it’s so boring here.

If you still, for some odd reason, visit my site, I must be doin’ somethin’ right.

There is a new question of the week [7] and you should like uhm answer it!

I might go as a fairy or a vampire for Halloween, I don’t know yet.

I’m bored.

Nothin’ to really post about, but imma try to post more often, I guesssss.

This is pointless. I understand if you don’t comment.

And after Halloween, I’m goin’ to re-do the site completely, it’s so boring hereeee!


October 27,2009 by

My grandma has to be one of the most annoying people ever when it comes to books and what I’m allowed to read and what I’m not. She suckss.

Okay well she wasn’t going to let me read Burned by Ellen Hopkins, she did, I loved it.

I asked her if I could read Crank or Tricks, I read the summaries online and didn’t even bother. I said, “Can I read Crank?” her response was, “Hey isn’t Crank supposed to be  a drug or somethin’ ? If it is then that’s a definite no.” Okay and then I asked her about one of her books that involves three kids and a mental hospital. “I said well can I read ____” and she said “Hmmm mental hospital. Why the hell they get in there?” It said why, but if I told her it was gonna be a straight up no. So I was just like man screw it and just stopped.

Oh and then the amazing Drk recommended House of Night. So I said, “Well can I read House of Night?” and she said “Oh that doesn’t even sound like an appropriate book for you.” and I was all like, ” Man just don’t talk to me!” and I got all mad and went upstairs.

I would get my own library card but my dumb mom owes like what, 200$ on it? So I can’t. I’m utterly pissed.

Yeah call me a nerd, I am one.

Nerds rock.

School Terms

October 27,2009 by

At my school we have some weird stuff we be sayin likeee. . . .

  • DBD which means Don’t Be Dumb. “DBD Honey DBD.”
  • Dont Be Loopid it means like beyond stupid “Don’t be loopid lil girl, don’t be loopid.”
  • BOP it means blown out. . .  you can figure out the rest? Its basically our version of a slut/whore/trick. “Shut up man you be boppin witcha’ ugly self!” 😛
  • Goin Ham it means like we bout to kick it and go crazy. “It’s my birthdayy this weekend and we bout to go super duper ham!”
  • You better say it! we say like when someone says “OMG you go withh him!?” “YOU BETTER SAY IT!”

Haha my school can be a little out there at times. You wanna know whats up with me, hmmmm.

In social studies we are learning about Alexander the Great and Ancient Greek times. In language arts we are writing a four page story about whatever we want. My story is about this girl named Cassie Smith who meets Blake and they start dating, he abuses her, and she ends up dumping him. The result of that is him sayin’, “If I can’t have you, no one can,” later on in the week he ends up killing her. 😦 Sad, iknowwwww. Study Hall…. we are doing nothing? Gym nothing. Pre-algebra we had our Chapter 1 test today. It was about sliding bar graphs, stacked bar graphs, multiple line graphs, mean, median, mode, range, outliers, bow and whisker plots, line plots, frequency tablers, and uhm closed and open optioned bias and unbiased questions. Easy test. In art we are doing this project where we have to make like this little kid face and color it in with oil pastels, I’ll post pics when I finish. Band we are practicing songs everyday, like always, and in Science we have had a sub for like 2 weeks! And yesterday we had a sub for a sub, ohh wow. Thats it with my school schedule lifee.

Do you guys have any weird words really only your school uses? Whats up with you?